Toronto Raptors: Evaluating the Pelicans trade targets other than Anthony Davis

Toronto Raptors - Delon Wright (Photo by Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images)
Toronto Raptors - Delon Wright (Photo by Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images) /

Everyone is focused on Anthony Davis, however, the New Orleans Pelicans have other trade targets the Toronto Raptors should set their sights on.

Everyone wants Anthony Davis. When the New Orleans Pelicans star made his trade request public on Sunday night, the league went into a panic. All 29 teams assessed their chances at acquiring the 25-year-old big man and started preparing their best offer. They should, Davis is a top-five player in the league, just about to enter his prime.

If Anthony Davis leaves, the Pelicans are likely to be headed towards a full-out rebuild. With a rebuild, comes a firesale on all tradable assets. The Pelicans have a lot to offer, and if they give in,  the Raptors should be calling about the price of a few options.

E’Twaun Moore

Toronto is a relatively complete team. One thing they’re missing is an elite knock-down shooter. Danny Green is great. Kyle can strap. However, the Raptors are still missing that elite marksman who changes the geometry of the floor.

E’Twaun Moore provides just that. He’s shot 42-percent from behind the arc the past two seasons, averaging more than three attempts per game. At $8.8 million, there are plenty of workable deals the Raptors can put together for the 6’4″ shooter.

Nikola Mirotic

Nikola Mirotic is a standout powerforward with a more well-rounded game than he is ever given credit for. Unfortunately, as a pure powerforward, it’s hard to find a deal that makes sense for Toronto.

Pascal Siakam is the team’s starting four, and isn’t comfortable playing long stretches at center yet. Mirotic would likely be limited to 20 minutes or so with Toronto, a role he is overqualified for. Mirotic is good, he’s just not a good fit with Toronto.

Julius Randle

Randle is having the best year of his young career. In his first season away from the Lakers and fifth in the league, Randle is averaging just under 20 and 10. He’s scoring efficiently, dishing out dimes, and even kind-of shooting threes (He’s about a Pascal Siakam level shooter at this time).

A trade for Randle would likely send back Jonas Valanciunas in return. Randle is a more dynamic offensive player and has a defensive game which translates better to the playoffs. It’s easy to imagine Randle finding success alongside Pascal Siakam as a switch-heavy frontcourt.

To make the salary work, the trade would need to either include E’Twuan Moore or would require Raptors to take on Solomon Hill‘s dead money. Moore fits well with Toronto. Hill’s contract is a burden, and if Toronto takes it on, they shouldn’t be sending an asset back as well.

Jrue Holiday

In theory, Jrue Holiday is a great piece in the Raptors rotation. Playing Holiday alongside Kyle Lowry would upgrade the Raptors on both sides of the ball.

Finding a trade is more difficult. Holiday makes more than $25 million per season, and in order to match his salary, the Raptors would likely need to include Jonas Valanciunas or Serge Ibaka. If they did that, they’d likely need to find a center elsewhere. Once a third team is involved the likely hood of a deal exponentially decreases.

It’s possible, but Masai Ujiri would need to do his best work to make this trade work.

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Perhaps the Pelicans won’t head into a full rebuild. Perhaps they’ll try to give it a run with Anthony Davis one last time this season. At the minimum, Toronto will be calling.