Top buyout candidates after the NBA trade deadline

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Enes Kanter

Enes Kanter is a 6’11” center, playing for the Knicks. At age 26, he is currently in his seventh year in the NBA. The former third overall pick of the 2011 draft is earning $18.6M in the last year of his year deal. Kanter is averaging 14 points, just under 2 assists and greater than 10 rebounds per contest this season.

Kanter is known for his strong footwork and strength in the post. He can shoot mid-range shots well and provide needed offense as a member of the second unit. He can also be counted on to crash the boards and get the ball with more efficiency than anyone currently on the Raptors roster.

After trading Greg Monroe, Kanter would be a perfect substitute. Kanter’s game is very similar to Monroe’s, although better in nearly every category.  Just like Moose, Kanter is also a poor defender whom other teams identify and attack for easier buckets. Toronto could use him in the second unit, especially when matching up with an opponent’s bench squad.

Playing Milwaukee this season, Nick Nurse was bewildered to watch his bench players wilt when given the opportunity to play against the best in the league.

Kanter could breathe some new life into the team when he is on the floor and be used as another scoring option that helps spread the floor. Kanter also provides some sandpaper to his game, throwing his opponents off with his non-stop trash talk.