Top buyout candidates after the NBA trade deadline

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Jeff Green

Jeff Green is a 6’9″ forward, playing for the Washington Wizards. At age 32, he is in his 10th year and eighth team. That includes his rookie season playing with Kevin Durant on the Seattle Supersonics. Green ended up there when the Celtics traded him for Ray Allen. He was also a part of the franchise move to Oklahoma City. He is being paid $2.4M this season.

The Raptors are familiar with Jeff Green. He was part of the Cavaliers team that eliminated them from their playoff run in 2018. He was a part of that team’s rotation, which is his current role on the Wizards. This season, Green is averaging over 12 points, four rebounds and just under two assists per game. He is also shooting well from beyond the arc, with a 37-percent success rate.

Green is strong in the post and can rack up the points. Having to also respect his outside shooting, it forces defenders to stay close. Adding an athletic player with these skills opens up the floor for others. For example, playing Green with Kawhi Leonard could dissuade opponents from swarming Leonard whenever he has possession of the ball. That is not to suggest that Green could step in as a starter on the Raptors, but he can easily be mixed in when the offense needs to go on a run.

Having played over 800 games and making an NBA final, he brings valuable experience to any team that brings him into the fold should he be bought out. He does not impress on defense, but if the Raptors are looking for a scorer, Green could be an intriguing option.

Recent reports indicate that the Wizards would like to hold on to Jeff Green past this season. However, if Green asks for his release, the Wizards would likely be willing.