Toronto Raptors: Grading the Marc Gasol trade

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Grading the Trade

The Raptors identified a need and got a three-time all-star and Defensive Player of the Year winner to fill it. Because of his age, they managed to get Gasol at a bargain price without making a large sacrifice to their future. No matter which perspective one takes, this is a clear win for the Raptors.

It does not even matter whether Gasol cracks the team’s starting lineup, his impact will be significant. Having spent over 10 years with a single organization, it may take him time to find his fit with Nurse’s system and his new teammates. Toronto needs to be patient and let Gasol find his way.

Since the trade opened up space on the roster, what comes next will really be what fully determines the short-term success of this deal. If the Raptors are able to sign one of their buyout targets then the room the swap created, makes the transaction even more favourable to the Raps. Hopefully, they are able to find success and convince the right buyout veteran to sign in Toronto.

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In a season identified as a must-win, the requisite moves have been made thus far. The potential is clear and the team sits in the right spot, as the second seed in the Eastern Conference, to achieve their goals. With Gasol along for the ride, this should be a fun march deep into the playoffs.

Overall Grade: A-