Three takeaways from Toronto Raptors blowout win vs Knicks

Toronto Raptors - Danny Green (Photo by Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images)
Toronto Raptors - Danny Green (Photo by Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images) /

The Toronto Raptors took care of business against the New York Knicks, beating them by more than 30. However, there was a much bigger takeaway from the game.

By all accounts, the Toronto Raptors did exactly what they needed to against the New York Knicks. At the end of the first quarter, they were up nine. By the half, the lead grew to 19. Midway through the third, the game was all but over.

The fourth quarter consisted of G-League talent against G-League talent. With a 30-point cushion between the two teams, it wasn’t exactly a fiery finish. Perhaps that’s what made the next part so hard to stomach. We begin our takeaways with an injury that matters far more than the results of a regular season game.

1. Kyle Lowry’s injury

The air sunk out of the building as Kyle Lowry, the team’s general and league’s most unconventional star, laid on the floor clutching his ankle. Fans, players, and coaches all held their breath. If things were as serious as they appeared, his season might be finished.

At the moment, the belief is the injury is not serious. Further tests are still needed, but for now, it appears as if the Raptors dodged one asteroid-sized bullet.

Toronto will surely miss the opportunity to build chemistry on the court. However, considering how bad it could have been, the Raptors will happily take a two-week absence if KLOW is ready once the playoffs begin.

2. Fred VanVleet is BACK

With Lowry out of the lineup for the immediate future, the Raptors will rely heavily upon Fred VanVleet. If last night is any indication of how he’ll perform, the Raptors will be just fine for the time being.

Fred VanVleet looked spectacular against the Knicks scoring 13 points, dishing 12 assists, and racking up a ridiculous +/- of +33.

VanVleet also seemed to play nicely off of Jeremy Lin. Lin has struggled during his time with the Toronto Raptors thus far, particularly scoring the ball. Having another point guard alongside him seemed to steady Lin’s game. As a result, Lin put up 20 points on just 11 shots, his best offensive game with the Raptors to-date.

VanVleet looked livelier and quicker than he did prior to the injury. Perhaps the time off helped him regain his legs.

His return could not have come at a better time, although it’s a shame we won’t get to see his impact on the second unit.

3. Pascal at center

You likely won’t see it the rest of the season, but anytime Pascal Siakam is at center Toronto is a blast to watch. The Raptors went +11 in 11 minutes last night when Siakam was the lone big on the court. Yes, every lineup seemed to kill the Knicks, but with Siakam at center, the team seems to have another gear.

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It won’t be a consistent part of the rotation, and it perhaps shouldn’t be. However, the Raptors should unleash this ultra-small unit every once in a while as a change of pace. Having another arrow in the quiver never hurts.