Toronto Raptors: Classifying Potential Playoff Matchups as Good or Bad

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Toronto Raptors

Toronto Raptors – Kawhi Leonard (Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images)

The postseason is right around the corner for the Toronto Raptors. We take a look at the match-ups that could be good or bad for the team.

A grueling regular season is reaching its conclusion. Toronto’s 82-game tune-up is winding down and the postseason awaits. Soon the Toronto Raptors quest for 1the promised land will be in full effect.

Toronto’s first-round opponent will be whoever finishes in the seventh seed. Milwaukee clinched the top spot in the Eastern Conference in the past week.

None of these teams will be “easy” opponents for the Raptors. Ideally, Toronto is going to want to get past the first round fast.  The longer the series goes the more chance there is for an injury.

In a time period where rest is key, the postseason is no exception. Kyle Lowry has dealt with various injuries throughout the season and Kawhi Leonard’s load continues to be managed. The Raptors cannot afford to let their first-round series get away from them.

This list also features teams that the Raptors may face in the second round and beyond. There is a lot riding on this postseason. Not only does the team want to win a championship but their success may have big implications on the future.

Without further adieu here at the teams that could provide the Raptors with good and bad matchups throughout the postseason. We refrained from projecting any potential Western Conference Playoff opponents on this list.

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