Something every Toronto Raptors player can work on this offseason

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Pascal Siakam

When Leonard signed with the Los Angeles Clippers, many believed it meant that the Raptors biggest star was now Siakam. Like Leonard, Siakam was also a Finals MVP. He won the award after clinching the 2017 D-League title.

Siakam was also named the NBA’s Most Improved Player this past season. His growth in his short time in the association has been remarkable. So much so, that onlookers believe that he will not slow down but continue to develop his play.

Siakam has built a game that makes him difficult to guard, especially near the hoop. He is one of the better finishers in basketball and has footwork that could make a ballerina blush. He is also a plus defender to top it all off. These skills demanded Siakam no longer come off the bench, but start games for his team.

Fans may not have voted Siakam into the All-Star game last year but after witnessing what he was able to do throughout the regular season and the playoffs he should have gained enough popularity to have a better result next season.

That, of course, depends on Siakam matching or exceeding his 2019 play. Despite, the impressive assent of the Cameroonian power forward, he may find things more difficult next season. This could be because without Leonard on the floor, defences could load up against him.

Siakam was already well scouted going into his third year with the Raptors. Opposing coaches game planned for him but Siakam added more depth to his game that made him nearly unstoppable. One new element was the addition of a corner three. Siakam was hitting his shots from there, forcing opponents to chase him off the line.

The next step in the forward’s development should be to find his stroke elsewhere on the court. Though it is a far more difficult shot, it would benefit Siakam to add an above-the-break element to his game. If he could start knocking down threes from the top of the arc, he makes the tough task of guarding him even more difficult.

Biggest area of improvement: Above-the-break three-point shooting

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The Raptors have all summer to get their postseason work in. Hopefully, it is enough time for each of them to make the desired improvements that they’re presently focused on.