Toronto Raptors: Predicting Kyle Lowry’s next contract and future team

Kyle Lowry brought the Championship to the North. (Photo by Rey Josue II/NBAE via Getty Images)
Kyle Lowry brought the Championship to the North. (Photo by Rey Josue II/NBAE via Getty Images) /
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Toronto Raptors
Toronto Raptors – Kyle Lowry (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images) /

Lowry’s other options

Should Kyle Lowry be pressured to take a pay cut to play, he can take a salary similar to what Goran Dragic, Jeff Teague, or George Hill are getting paid to play on a contending team with a strong core of multiple stars.

These listed guards are not-quite All-Stars but are serviceable starters, all of whom Kyle Lowry has outperformed over the last couple seasons. They are getting paid an average of around $19 million per season.

Despite the major re-alignment of the NBA this off-season, there are many point-guard needy teams that can promise more success than a pivoting Raptors franchise.

The Dallas Mavericks seem to be happy to pay an average of $10 Million to the offensively limited 27-year-old Delon Wright for now. However, as Luka Doncic develops further and Kristaps rounds into pre-injury form, Mark Cuban will develop legitimate championship aspirations and crave a lead guard with a higher offensive gear and playoff experience.

Given that Doncic will be on his rookie deal until 2022-2023, with some cap maneuvering, the Mavericks can offer Lowry something in that $19 Million range of salary on a short-term deal.

The Detroit Pistons are currently paying Reggie Jackson $18 Million, and are another example of a team with two in-prime stars. What this Dwayne Casey led outfit is missing is an experienced lead guard who can space the floor consistently for their loaded frontcourt.

The team would need to shed some salary around the margins. However, a core of Lowry, Blake Griffin, Andre Drummond, and Luke Kennard would easily raise the current first-round ceiling of the Pistons. Add in a reunion with the coach who reinvigorated his career and this is an easy match waiting to be made.

Any of these moves would involve the team in question moving their current lead guards, which is something that can be facilitated at the trade deadline.

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It feels unlikely that the Raptors will pay Lowry surplus of $20 Million to lead a rebuilding team, and it seems even more unlikely that Lowry would take a significant pay-cut to captain a fringe-playoff outfit.

It is becoming increasingly likely that this is the last season fans will see Lowry don the Raptors Red. At the moment, it looks like we could very well see Lowry for a contender somewhere south of the border next season.