Who are the Toronto Raptors top five fan favourites right now?

Toronto Raptors: Fans at Jurassic Park (Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images)
Toronto Raptors: Fans at Jurassic Park (Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images) /
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1. Fred VanVleet

When it comes to favorites amongst the fans, I would be silly not to have Fred VanVleet in here right? Exactly.

VanVleet is the heart and soul of the Raptors roster. Even when he isn’t having the best of games, us fans look to his energy and his tough-minded attitude. He definitely isn’t the biggest guy on the court at all times, but he is surely one of the feistiest.

The underdog mentality he plays with is something fans connect with, especially this past season. With the Raptors being the underdogs for a good portion of the playoffs, fans received some much-need motivation from VanVleet, as his relentlessness (even if was poor shooting) showed the Toronto faithful that he isn’t going to quit, no matter how bad it looked.

VanVleet has had more moments in three years with the Raptors than you could believe.

One of the more famous moments happened in this year’s Finals, where he got his tooth knocked out. As he lay there with blood gushing and his teeth on the floor, VanVleet got up and walked to the locker room under his own power. He even returned to the bench in that game and was reportedly ready to go if needed.

One could look at how the fans rallied behind Fred during the birth of his baby boy. He was in quite a shooting slump prior, but he got really hot really quickly after his son was born.  That became almost a rally cry of sorts. As the birth of baby VanVleet caused father VanVleet to become a marksman from three. Many fans attribute his son’s birth with their championship and with good reason. Who knows how things would’ve turned out if VanVleet’s son wasn’t born?

The story behind him gives us even more motivation to support him. Undrafted out of college and had to fight and earn his spot on the team. That is an example of working hard for something you want, something the fans like to see.

VanVleet is relatable in many ways due to his physical stature and average athleticism. Fans see someone who wasn’t born better than everyone else. He worked to become better than everyone else.

It’s only been three seasons, but VanVleet has given us nothing short of his all. From his play to his own teeth, there isn’t anything he wouldn’t give us or the team and that is what makes him such a favorite amongst fans.

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Each fan-favorite brings something different to the Toronto Raptors roster. Whether it be an outgoing personality, an emotional explosion, or even a hard-hat mentality, their differences as players is what makes us love them so much. The Raptors fanbase is the best in the NBA when it comes to support, love, and honesty. They ask for the same from their players and these five fan favorites make sure to give it back.