LeBron James’ top 5 villainous performances against the Toronto Raptors

Cleveland Cavaliers LeBron James and Toronto Raptors OG Anunoby - (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)
Cleveland Cavaliers LeBron James and Toronto Raptors OG Anunoby - (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) /
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Toronto Raptors
LeBron James against the Toronto Raptors (Photo by Mark Blinch/NBAE via Getty Images) /

As we start Villains Week, let’s look at some of the more traumatic moments the Toronto Raptors endured, courtesy of LeBron James.

It wouldn’t be right to discuss some of the Toronto Raptors villains without mention one of the most notorious villains in the history of the franchise — and that is none other than LeBron James. James has had the Raptors’ number for the majority (or all) of his career. There must be something about facing the team North of The Border that seems to bring out the best in The King.

James was very similar to the final boss on the last level of a videogame that the Raptors couldn’t seem to defeat. Particularly in the last half-decade, Toronto couldn’t find an answer for the supervillain, James. He continually dominated them, especially in the postseason. Again and again, the momentum the Raptors championship train had going into the playoffs was abruptly stopped and disposed of by LeBron.

The Raptors breathed a collective sigh of relief when James relocated to the Western Conference and signed with the Los Angeles Lakers. Shoot, some Toronto fans might’ve enjoyed seeing James (team-wise) struggle in his first season out West. Perhaps they believe it makes up for some of the seasons he gave the Raptors constant headaches.

LeBron’s long and well-documented history between the Toronto Raptors has left the fans and the team with many memories (more bad memories than good ones). The King has put on some masterful (even villainous) performances against Toronto. He has dominated, defeated, and even dilly-dallied with the Raptors in some of these games. In this painful trip down memory lane, we discuss some of the most villainous moments, compliments of the King.