Toronto Raptors: What are the odds of each player making the team?

Toronto Raptors - Malcolm Miller (Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images)
Toronto Raptors - Malcolm Miller (Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images) /
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Likely G-League players

Sagaba Konate

Less than a day after going undrafted, Sagaba Konate agreed to terms with the Toronto Raptors. Clearly, Konate had a promise from Toronto if he did go undrafted. It’s very possible he would’ve been Toronto’s choice if Hernandez was off the board.

But he wasn’t selected by Toronto and instead was given just an Exhibit-10 contract. — an exhibit 10 contract is a training camp deal which can be converted to a two-way contract at any time (if converted, the player can earn anywhere from a 5,000 to 50,000 bonus).

By agreeing to an Ex-10, Konate essentially assured he would be playing with the 905 next season. Why would the Raptors waste one of their 15 roster spots when they can keep Konate AND keep the other 15 guys?

The only chance of Konate or Oshae Brissett making the NBA roster is if they perform so well in training camp, Toronto thinks they need them to play major minutes next season. Considering Konate is coming back after missing nearly an entire season due to injury, that seems unlikely.

Odds: 2.5-percent    G-League odds: 90-percent

Oshae Brissett

Like Konate, Oshae Brissett was immediately signed to an Exhibit-10 after the draft. Also like Konate, Brissett’s chances of making the big-league NBA roster are close to zero.

Brissett is a 6-foot-9, extremely bouncy combo forward who went undrafted out of Syracuse University this summer. He needs to get in the weight room, work on his perimeter skills, and develop a reliable outside shot. After playing in a 2-3 zone during his college career, he’ll also need to re-learn man-to-man principles.

There’s not a better place to do so than the Raptors 905. Toronto has built one of the best developmental programs in the entire NBA; Brissett will almost certainly be a beneficiary of that program, rather than being thrown to the wolves in his first year.

Odds: 2.5-percent     G-League odds: 95-percent