Toronto Raptors: 100 most important facts before the season starts

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Fringe rotation players

36. During his 85 minutes with the NBA team last season, Boucher posted a block percentage of 6.4-percent.

37. The team’s next highest block percentage was Serge Ibaka, at 2.5-percent.

38. When Boucher was on the floor last season, the Toronto Raptors DREB% decreased by 2.9-percent. That’s was the worse figure on the team among all players with a minimum of 85 minutes.

39. Everyone has focused on Rondae Hollis-Jefferson’s and Stanley Johnson’s jumpshooting. However, neither player has managed to shoot 60-percent at the rim at any point in their career.

40. Stanley Johnson has never averaged more than .975 points per shot attempt.

41. Johnson’s ranked in the bottom 20-percentile in points per shot attempt every season in the NBA.

42. Matt Thomas was arguably the top jump shooter outside of the NBA last season posting an eFG% of 82-percent on catch and shoot jump shots.

43. That figure increased to 99-percent when left unguarded.

44. However, this offseason as an unrestricted free agent available to the entire league, Thomas wasn’t able to secure a million guaranteed dollars. Thomas was valued significantly less than the Dragan Bender as a free agent.

45. Last season, the Raptors posted an offensive rating 9.5 points better per 100 possession when McCaw was off the floor (according to cleaningtheglass).

46. Terence Davis was technically an undrafted free-agent. However, multiple teams wanted to draft Davis in the 2nd round and sign him to a two-way contract. Davis insisted he’d be given an NBA-deal.

47. Dewan Hernandez has not played a basketball game which has counted in over a calendar year.

48. Hernandez was suspended for improper benefits during his last season in Miami for accepting a paid hotel room.

49. Malcolm Miller shot 38.4-percent from three in the G-League over the course of his career.

50. Miller has shot 42.9-percent while at the NBA (small sample size). At 6-foot-8, Miller can clearly shoot it.