Trash-talk Toronto Raptors: Nick Nurse finally wins a coach’s challenge

TORONTO, ONTARIO - MAY 25: Head coach Nick Nurse (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)
TORONTO, ONTARIO - MAY 25: Head coach Nick Nurse (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images) /
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Toronto Raptors
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Welcome back to another edition of Trash-talk: A Toronto Raptors gossip column! Here we will discuss everything that happened with the Toronto Raptors outside the actual game of basketball.

Another week has come and gone for the Toronto Raptors and they’ve positioned themselves high in the Eastern Conference barreling their way to a 7-3 record through ten games. A hot start for the undermanned team.

My colleagues have diligently written takeaways, recaps, and have questions already about the team as a whole.

But, as you know, this isn’t a column about what the Toronto Raptors are doing on the court; it is a column about what they are doing off of it. And, needless to say, the humor has intensified as the team has slowly made their way through almost an eighth of the regular-season games.

As always, we want you, the reader, to feel involved! If you spot any spiciness on Twitter or if you had a goofy in-game moment cross your timeline, then please feel free to tag @RaptorsRapture or @HughesWithMe on Twitter. As well, feel free to directly message us if something seems extra, extra hilarious or you have photographs or video to share directly.

In this week’s edition, we are going to dive deep into Nick Nurse and his antics, which includes his first coach’s challenge victory! As always, Nurse isn’t one to mince words and he is certainly becoming a highlight in the media scrums because he is liable to say anything that’s on his mind.

It’s quite Popovichian, perhaps, but Nurse doesn’t have the resume to back up his unadulterated opinions. Still, he’s got the juice to keep us on our toes and — with untimely injuries coming to starting stalwart, Kyle Lowry, and bench fanatic, Serge Ibaka — he hasn’t been afraid to let it flow.

Without further ado, onto this week’s edition of Trash-talk!