Trash-talk Toronto Raptors: Ibaka and Anunoby argue over scarfs

Welcome back to another edition of Trash-talk Toronto Raptors! Here we will discuss everything that happened with the Toronto Raptors except... basketball.

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Toronto Raptors - Kyle Lowry (Photo by Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images)


Okay, first things first: the Toronto Raptors secured the second seed prior to the All-Star break -- which isn't as good as the first, mind you -- but because Bucks Head Coach Mike Budenholzer can't double down to coach the East two seasons in a row, it's now going to be helmed by Nick Nurse and his coaching staff.

While Nick Nurse was looked over last year for Coach of the Year, he's in line this year to bring home the award. He was helped, of course, by the upstart team who has been much better than most of the talking heads believed them to be. We, the fan base, haven't given up on these Toronto Raptors, who have been on fire lately with an 11-game win streak underway.

But, this ain't a column about the Toronto Raptors on the basketball court! This is about everything that happened off the court. Believe me, there were some spectacular happenings this past week.

Before we dive into it, however, I want to remind you, the readers, to get involved in the column! If you see any hilariousness or hoopla on Twitter or the television, then please feel free to give @HughesWithMe or @RaptorsRapture a shout on Twitter and you could see your post in the next column!

This week we are going to cover the fire Jack Armstrong spit at Jim Boylen of the Chicago Bulls and  Serge Ibaka and OG Anunoby fighting over scarfs. Finally, our outside source of the week comes from none other than the Memphis Grizzlies who loaded up their grenade launchers and fired them at any Andre Igoudala stans.

Without further ado, onto this week's Trash-talk!

The lovable Jack just wanted to get back to watch the Super Bowl, could we really blame him?

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Toronto Raptors - Jack Armstrong (Photo by Ron Turenne/NBAE via Getty Images)

As a Toronto Raptors fan, I'm sure many of you were watching the Raptors play the Chicago Bulls prior to Super Bowl kickoff. And, as I'm sure you're aware, the Toronto Raptors killed those pesky Bulls, again.

Yet, before the game was over, Jim Boylen inexplicably called a timeout with just over a minute to play and facing a 25-point deficit. This led to Jack calling him out in typical Jack fashion.

"Jim Boylen, what are you doing?" Wise words from Jack Armstrong, indeed.

Jack probably should have been a bit more professional considering it is his job to call these games, but sometimes a stan just can't hold back his or her true colors. Unbeknownst to Mr. Boylen, he just got roasted across Canadian television, which means now an entire country thinks he's an imbecile.

Well, with the way the Bulls have been playing, maybe it's two countries that think he's an imbecile.

Rest assured, Jack probably got home in time to see the Super Bowl -- and got a good kick out of Raptors fans celebrating Valanciunas's Super Bowl win.

Here's what I now know, though: Don't ever get in the way of Jack Armstrong and the Super Bowl. That man will spit flamin' hot fireballs your direction until you're ridiculed off the T.V. screen.

Good night and good luck, Jim Boylen.

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OG Anunoby: "But, what about scarfs?"

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Toronto Raptors - OG Anunoby (Photo by David Sherman/NBAE via Getty Images)

Perhaps, you've seen the clip that's making the rounds on Twitter or maybe you haven't been enlightened yet, but it truly seems as if there is turmoil in the Raptors' locker room and it's between OG Anunoby, Serge Ibaka, and... scarfs?

Now, this argument has some true hard-hitting, backbreakers, so let me just put on my detective hat real quick so we can get down to the nitty-gritty as to who TRULY deserves the scarfs moniker in the Raptors family.

**Goes to the closet to find Sherlock Holmes hat from first grade Halloween outfit**

Ahem, well, Dr. Watson there are a lot of clues at play here, but here are some facts we can be sure of:

  • Serge Ibaka has been in the league since 2009, while OG Anunoby -- who is quite dazzling in his attire, I might add -- has only been in the league since 2018.
  • On top of that, doctor, let's really discuss the scarf and its history: According to Wikipedia, the best source for information, the scarf has been around since ancient times. There have been numerous uses since, but notably, fashion has been the one most prominent since the early 19th century and has only increased in the 20th century. Now in the 21st century, it seems that fashionable scarves have continued to be an accessory for both men and women.
  • None of this really needs to be examined any further as a source close to me has promptly given me proof of Serge Ibaka wearing a scarf far before he knew OG Anunoby in 2011:

So, Dr. Watson, it seems that, indeed, Serge Ibaka knew what a scarf was prior to knowing OG Anunoby. Whether or not he continued the tradition is up for debate, but one thing is for sure: Ibaka does indeed do art, bro.

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Andre Iguodala goes down in flames from jumpstart Memphis squad

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Dillon Brooks (Photo by Joe Murphy/NBAE via Getty Images)

Look, I know we like to talk about the Toronto Raptors a lot on here, but sometimes other teams are firing bullets and the best I can do is dissect them. So, of course, when Dillon Brooks started talking trash about Andre Iguodala, I was going to get involved.

And, woo boy, the fire is only heating up.

With the trade deadline quickly approaching, Igoudala and his camp assured the Memphis Grizzlies and the world that he would sit out the whole season if he wasn't moved to a different team, which, like, is fine, I guess. I mean, I'd rather be known for working out with players, mentoring them, being a team player, and still wanting to be moved.

Psh, I bet that if you helped the Grizzlies then they'd help you, but that's just my two cents on the matter.

Be that as it may, with this news from Iguodala, there was one Memphis player who couldn't keep quiet about it: Dillon Brooks, who is Canadian by the way.

Here's what he had to say:

Yikes, that's some fire coming from a young man, but he's not really wrong and the competitiveness only fires up the Grizzlies more. Even, Ja Morant piped in with an emoji:

This spurned Steph Curry to chime in, only for Ja to come back after him:

All in all, it was some great popcorn entertainment for anybody in the league. And you know what? Those Memphis Grizzlies players should be pissed and fired up. With them being much better than assumed, they've got every right to come after people who said they were going to be trash.

The league is better for it, the Grizzlies are better for it, man, even Igoudala might be better for it because maybe he'll come back with a vengeance.

Next: Should Masai Ujiri tackle the New York Knicks challenge?

Man, I love the trade deadline. GIVE ME MORE MADNESS!

Until next week, guys, that's all we've got for this week's Trash-talk!