Toronto Raptors: Does a DeMarre Carroll reunion make sense?

DeMarre Carroll was recently bought out by the San Antonio Spurs and is reportedly set to sign with the Houston Rockets. Would a reunion with the Toronto Raptors make sense if plans change?

First things first…if you’ve talked yourself out of closing the browser window, a “congratulations” is in order – it means you’re willing to entertain a five-minute read on why the Toronto Raptors, in the spirit of due diligence, should reach out to former “bust”, DeMarre Carroll after the 33-year-old was bought out by the San Antonio Spurs.

Still with me? Good.

If Toronto could get Carroll for the league minimum (easily achievable at this time of year), and the veteran understood the role ghat awaited him (high five teammates), then the potential for a reunion is certainly there. That said, it’s unlikely to go down because Houston is going to offer DC more opportunities to play than Toronto ever could. If Carroll wound up with the Raptors, his minutes would be extremely limited and, frankly, non-existent hence the high-five joke.

Toronto doesn’t need any more players, it’s got plenty already. Once both Norm Powell and Marc Gasol return, players such as Chris Boucher, Rondae Hollis-Jefferson, and Patrick McCaw (everybody’s favourite) could see their minutes suffer as a result. And so the fact remains, DeMarre Carroll, a vet that right or wrong still believes he can make an impact, appears unlikely to accept a role that does not come with the promise of playing time.

It’s unfortunate how things between Toronto and JYD 2.0 turned out the first time around – after all, having spent years searching for a capable three-and-D player, the Carroll signing was viewed as a ginormous step in the right direction for the Raptors. Now they have the likes OG Anunoby and Norman Powell, so adding an ageing Carroll would only heighten the team’s fashion sense. The on-court product would be largely unaffected.

What could DeMarre Carroll bring to Toronto?

As I said, these Toronto Raptors LOVE fashion, and we know at least a few of them love scarves so I would have to assume Carroll, a fashion aficionado, would fit in. One consultation of Carroll’s IG page and it’s obvious that much like Serge Ibaka, Carroll doesn’t do fashion…he does art.

On a serious note, in the past players have left and returned to Toronto only to enjoy better second stint – James Johnson comes to mind. Remember when he stole Andre Drummond‘s soul?

Nasty. Filthy. The rest of my preferred descriptors are not suitable for a family piece, of which this qualifies as. Why couldn’t Carroll do the same?

Another factor to consider? Carroll has barely played in 2019-20 – to this point in the season, the former Spur has logged 135 minutes and appeared in just 15 games. Undeniably injury prone, the veteran is probably feeling fresh and must be chomping at the bit for a chance to contribute down the stretch of the regular season. Toronto could do far worse than adding him, provided it came at the right price and there was both an agreement and understanding surrounding his expected role.

Why a Carroll-Raptor reunion is unlikely to occur

The Houston Rockets appear set to welcome the 33-year-old to their ranks at the earliest available opportunity. Houston currently has two available roster spots. Recent reports suggest Carroll, along with Jeff Green, will sign with the Rockets in the coming days. In the case of Green, the move already appears to have been made official:

While it would have made for an interesting storyline and fruitful fodder down the stretch of the season, it was never likely that Toronto would entertain adding Carroll. Jeff Green is another story…he would’ve looked good in a Raptors uniform, but ultimately this is his loss, not Toronto’s.

As for the main topic of this article, DeMarre Carroll…once upon a time considered a premier two-way player, his best years are long behind him, and Carroll can no longer offer the Raptors what they thought he could, once upon a time. Having failed the first time, the Toronto Raptors moved on to bigger and better things by the time a second opportunity presented itself.

As is the case with most things in life, timing is everything.

Enjoy Houston, DeMarre.