Toronto Raptors: Reviewing the Vince Carter versus Allen Iverson Battle

Toronto Raptors Mandatory Credit: Robert Laberge /Allsport
Toronto Raptors Mandatory Credit: Robert Laberge /Allsport /
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Game 4: Philadelphia 76ers 84, Toronto Raptors 79

With back-to-back, 50 point performances from each star, this game was one to forget for both. I mean Carter had 25 points and Iverson had 30, not so bad right? Carter shot 8-27 from the field (29.6 percent) and Iverson shot 10-33 from the field (33.3 percent). But at this point in the series, it’s hard to blame them. They were both playing almost 47 minutes a game each. It was rare that both these players were ever off at the same time. In this game alone, there were only 17 seconds of time where both of these players weren’t on the court.

Iverson’s 30 was still enough to get them a must-win match and bring it back to Philadelphia tied two games apiece.

Game 5: Toronto Raptors 88, Philadelphia 76ers 121 

Iverson showed why he was the MVP this game. Scoring again another 52 points, making 21-32 shots from the field. So while Iverson kept scoring, Carter was struggling to get it going. He surprisingly only shot the ball 11 times and averaged 39 points per game in the previous five games. It was the lowest amount of shots he took that whole postseason. He was also had a plus/minus of -30, which was a team-low.

With the Sixers dominating Game 5, they had a chance to finish it all in Toronto. FYI: This was also the day Shrek came out.

Game 6: Philadelphia 76ers 89, Toronto Raptors 101

Of course, this series was really close and the Philadelphia 76ers were never going to win the series without a battle. Vince Carter had himself a night after a disappointing outing in game 5. After only taking 11 shots last game, we got what we expected of Carter. He took 31 shots and made 17 of them. Resulting in 39 points and a victory over the Philadelphia 76ers. This meant this series was going to be decided by one game in Philadelphia.

Allen Iverson couldn’t get it going, scoring only 20 points on 6-24 shooting. Consistency was definitely not the name of the game for both Carter and Iverson.