Toronto Raptors: Someone found an insanely rare Pascal Siakam basketball card

Toronto Raptors, NBA Finals, Pascal Siakam(Mandatory Credit: Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports)
Toronto Raptors, NBA Finals, Pascal Siakam(Mandatory Credit: Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports) /

Basketball cards collectors will be coveting this Toronto Raptors Pascal Siakam card

Basketball cards collectors and Toronto Raptors fans everywhere are going to be extremely jealous of one particularly lucky Raptors fan who got his hands on a rare piece of Pascal Siakam memorabilia.

Calling it his “grail”, one Reddit user got a booklet insert of a Pascal Siakam Logoman card. For those unaware, a Logoman is a jersey patch card type that features the NBA logo from that jersey. It’s one of the more sought-after relics/jersey patch types for any player.

This one, though, is different, in that it’s an NBA Finals jersey patch card, meaning it’s one of the jerseys Siakam wore in the franchise’s first and only Finals appearance in 2019, a series that they would end up winning over the Golden State Warriors.

This Toronto Raptors Pascal Siakam NBA Finals Logoman card is one basketball cards collectors will love

Take a look at the card here, which came in a Panini Opulence pack. It’s a foldable booklet, one-of-one (there are some other jersey patch cards of Siakam, but none of the NBA Finals patch specifically). Given that it’s an NBA Finals patch, it’s extremely rare because so far it’s the only NBA Finals Pascal Siakam and the Toronto Raptors have ever appeared in. Of course, we can’t forget that it was the season in which Siakam was the league’s Most Improved Player of the Year,  giving even more meaning to the value of this card.

It has an excellent gold theme along the top and bottom and a holographic foil accentuating it all. The photo of the left is from Game 2 and the jersey the patch is from. The patch was located above Siakam’s last name on the back of the jersey.

"As a die hard Raptors fan this was a huge grail to acquire. One of one game worn NBA Finals Logoman! Patch is ridiculously cool from basketballcards"

As the card displays, it’s the jersey that Siakam wore in Game 2, a game the Raptors would, unfortunately, lose by five points. Siakam had 12 points, 8 rebounds and 5 assists in that contest.

It’s not clear exactly how much this person might have paid for this card if he didn’t pull it himself, but a similar Alfonzo McKinnie card sold for $3,000 earlier this month on eBay. Given that the Warriors lost the Finals and McKinnie is a less sought-after player in general, there’s reason to speculate that Siakam’s card easily pushes the $5,000 resell mark, perhaps even higher.

Given the personal meaning this card has for Raptors fans, it’s priceless.

The Reddit user who posted this will probably hold this card for a long, long time. Great get!

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