Toronto Raptors: Say hello to the Tampa Bay Raptors

The government has given their reply to Masai and the Toronto Raptors, and it’s one most people might not like.

For the first time since their inauguration in 1995, the Toronto Raptors will be playing their home games away from home. It was reported today that the government denied the Raptors’ request of playing their home games at Scotiabank Arena.

Canada has one of the more strict relegations when it comes to the pandemic lockdown and its ever-increasing numbers. Anyone who is coming from another city via the airport must self-quarantine for two weeks. This is obviously something NBA players can’t afford to do and is also creating complications elsewhere — the NHL is a league that has 7 Canadian teams and is struggling to find something that can work.

So for now, we say hello to the brand new Tampa Bay Raptors. A city that is home to the Lightning (recent NHL champs), Rays (Finalists in World Series), and the Buccaneers (currently 7-3).  A very good all year round for Tampa Bay sports teams.

The addition of the Toronto Raptors adds another franchise that had themselves a great year. They finished second in the whole league last year and were just a few points away from a conference final.

What does this change for the Toronto Raptors

Well, for the Toronto Raptors this can certainly affect their lives. For the players and staff who have homes in Toronto, this is an inconvenience. However, in the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t change what we’re actually getting on the court. There weren’t going to be fans anyway, so homecourt advantage shouldn’t matter all that much.

It’s also worth mentioning pending free agent, Fred VanVleet, was all for moving the franchise temporarily to Tampa Bay. So hopefully this is the final nail that solidifies his decision in staying.

This might even be used to their advantage of this free agency. A reason free agents refrain themselves from signing with the Raptors is because of the weather and the inconvenience of going to another country — oh and also taxes.

In Tampa, they’ll be in good weather, and in a state that has no state taxes. If there is any player they want to attract to their organization and potentially keep long-term. There is no better time than now for the Tampa Bay Raptors.