Raptors: Trade or Keep? Where each Raptor fits at deadline

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The Toronto Raptors might need to shake up their roster over the new few weeks if they want to stay in contention for a playoff spot in the Eastern Conference. Names like Kyle Lowry, Norman Powell, Aron Baynes, and more have all been mentioned as collateral that could be shipped out of town by Masai Ujiri and Bobby Webster.

While the Raptors aren’t in the most financially flexible situation, that shouldn’t prevent Ujiri from making a deal, as any number of competing teams in the east could be inclined to throw caution to the wind in the name of gearing up for a playoff run.

Considering the pivotal offseason Toronto has in front of them it could be difficult to make heads or tails of who should be on the move this trade season.

A closer examination reveals which players will be held on to and which could be thrown into a deal for a star.

Toronto Raptors Trade or keep?: Centers

Aron Baynes: Trade

While Baynes has disappointed as the replacement for Marc Gasol and Serge Ibaka, he still has some value. Contenders could be intrigued by the fact that Baynes is able to and defend at a high level while providing at least average rebounding.

Baynes is making $7 million this year, and the fact that his contract goes into next season makes him a trade chip that could help the Raptors make the money match up in hypothetical trades. Not only will Baynes get Toronto some assets in a trade, but there won’t be a ton fo raptors fans sad to see him go.

Chris Boucher: Keep

Boucher might come off the bench when everyone is healthy, and he struggles against bigger centers, but he has become one of the game’s premier shot blockers and sweet-shooting big men during his fantastic 2020-21 season. He isn’t going anywhere.

There is still the question of how high Boucher’s ceiling is, as he is already 28 years old and has only reached these illustrious heights during the 2020-21 campaign. Despite that, he looks like a long-term building block.

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