Toronto Raptors: Ascending PG Malachi Flynn is studying Kyle Lowry well

Toronto Raptors - Malachi Flynn (Photo by Lauren Bacho/Getty Images)
Toronto Raptors - Malachi Flynn (Photo by Lauren Bacho/Getty Images) /

Ranked in the 96th percentile in pick-and-roll in college for point guars, Toronto Raptors youngster Malachi Flynn has been able to translate his college success to the pros of late, as high-scoring players like Fred VanVleet can make noise at the basket thanks to his smooth style of play.

And while he isn’t lighting up the scoreboard, as his average points per game is 6.1, Flynn’s efforts have been solid enough to be named the Eastern Conference’s Rookie of The Month for April, the first Toronto Raptors player to be recognized as such since Norman Powell in 2016.

At 22, and with just one year of play in the NBA, (with a brief stint in the G League in February of this year), Flynn has the whole court in front of him. In the April 29 game against the Denver Nuggets, Flynn scored 16 points, four assists, and six rebounds. He also posted 10 points in the May 1st game against the Utah Jazz.

What can Flynn bring to the Toronto Raptors as the team’s playoff hopes fade? Will Nick Nurse look to craft a revitalized team for the 2021-2022 season around Flynn?

What will the Toronto Raptors do with Malachi Flynn?

He’s a modern NBA point guard,” Raptors general manager Bobby Webster said in a November interview. “I think he can do it all on the offensive end. A lot of people are going to talk about pick-and-roll, shooting off the dribble, shoots the 3-ball well, obviously defends at a high level as well.”

While Flynn’s athleticism is by no means his strong suit, unrelenting defense against his opponents, a high IQ for the game, a deadset game focus that shows in his eyes, and a genuine willingness to learn, will definitely stand him in good stead.

Another key component to Malachi’s ability to settle into this team is the fact that even in his college ball years, Flynn was known to be a team player and a ferocious perimeter defender. This is an important attribute when playing for the Raptors.

Lowry, at 35 years old, is the ultimate team player, one who is famously known for always being there, always willing to take a charge from some really big ‘Bigs.’ He is unafraid to position his all-too-often battered body within the charging zone in order to grab a foul charge against his opponents.

And it is obvious that Lowry sees something of value in Flynn, as he is often seen mentoring him from the sidelines and giving him instant play feedback.

There has been some buzz relative to Flynn’s ability to slide into Lowry’s role if the soon-to-be-free agent chooses to leave the Raptors.

Lowry has 15 years of experience under his shoes and megawatts of heart, two factors that count for a hell of a lot when considering his new contract demands.

But if things don’t work out for the legions of Lowry fans, and he signs elsewhere, Flynn knows how to play that same style of ball and is willing to listen to the advice of veterans such a fellow guard in VanVleet.

With team play, team mentoring, and some confidence and aggression around the net, Flynn should be able to actualize a key role on the Raptors team in the 2021-2022 season.

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