Toronto Raptors: Absurd Dennis Schroder asking price should end interest

ORLANDO, FL - APRIL 26: Dennis Schroder #17 of the Los Angeles Lakers (Photo by Alex Menendez/Getty Images)
ORLANDO, FL - APRIL 26: Dennis Schroder #17 of the Los Angeles Lakers (Photo by Alex Menendez/Getty Images) /

The Toronto Raptors may not be as eager to splash the cash on a star point guard now that they ended up with the No. 4 pick in the 2021 NBA Draft, but there is still a chance they address the guard position in free agency rather than the draft. If they do so, former Los Angeles Lakers guard Dennis Schroder seems, on paper, like a fit.

While his numbers took a dip this season playing alongside LeBron James and Anthony Davis, and his performance in the playoffs against Phoenix was suboptimal for someone about to hit the free-agent market, he can provide enough stifling defense and quality scoring to get teams interested in him again.

While there was some reported mutual interest between Schroder and the Raptors as they eye a potential Kyle Lowry replacement, the latest bombshell that German Basketball Federation (DBB) president Armin Andres dropped related to what Schroder expects to earn is simply absurd.

Andres claims that Schroder is looking for a contract between $100 million and $120 million in total value. Andres also claims that his impending contract is why he is not current;y suiting up for the German national team.

It goes without saying that the Raptors shouldn’t touch Schroder with a 39.5-foot pole if this is the kind of contract he wants.

Toronto Raptors target Dennis Schroder wants an insane amount of money.

Assuming he signs a standard four-year deal, Schroder’s contract, per Spotrac, would put him on the same level as Jaylen Brown ($106 million), D’Angelo Russell ($117 million), or CJ McCollum ($100 million for 3 years). Kyrie Irving, who is five times the player Schroder is, signed for four years and $136 million.

15.4 points and 5.8 assists per game doesn’t justify nearly $30 million per season. Schroder is a quality third option on a good team or No. 4 option on a championship contender. He is by no means a player worth anywhere close to that amount of money.

Toronto might’ve felt some pressure to overpay for Schroder if Lowry left before the lottery, but with the front office now in a position to either make Jalen Suggs the point guard or move Fred VanVleet over to point guard and select Jalen Green, Schroder in Toronto is looking less likely, especially for a contract so astronomically above market value.

Schroder could be a solid addition to Toronto’s roster, especially if they get lucky and Evan Mobley falls to them at No. 4 in the draft. However, at that asking price, Toronto would be better off signing two, or potentially three, depth pieces rather than giving in to some outrageous demands.

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