Raptors rumors: 3 teams with the most assets for a Goran Dragic trade

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Toronto Raptors

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH – MAY 01: Joe Ingles #2 of the Utah Jazz, a Goran Dragic trade target, drives into DeAndre’ Bembry #95 of the Toronto Raptors (Photo by Alex Goodlett/Getty Images)

The Toronto Raptors have an albatross contract on their hands, as they are currently paying Goran Dragic over $19 million this season to be a backup point guard that went weeks without playing in a game. Most of the recent Raptors rumors involve looking for a new home for Dragic.

Trading Dragic could prove to be harder than the Raptors thought initially. Not only is his salary tough to match, but trying to sell contending teams on a declining 35-year-old asset might be pretty difficult to pull off. That said, the Raptors should still be pursuing every angle to get a deal done.

Dragic’s history as a solid sixth man with the Miami Heat might be enough to drum up interest in him before the deadline. In the modern NBA, there is no such thing as having too many point guards, especially one that has Dragic’s offensive background.

If the Toronto Raptors are going to get a deal done for Dragic, they should try to call one of these three teams. Not only could they give Dragic a chance to fulfill his higher ambitions, but they could help the Raptors reload by giving them some tangible assets and first-round draft picks.

Toronto Raptors rumors: Will one of these 3 teams trade for Goran Dragic?

3. Utah Jazz

Assets: Joe Ingles, Jared Butler, Eric Paschall, first-round picks in 2023, 2025, 2026

Mike Conley is clearly the starter, but the Jazz could look to get another ball-handler in the backcourt to help with their postseason push. With the Clippers going small to take them down last year, the idea of Dragic finding himself again and helping the Jazz keep pace in a shootout could appeal to Quin Snyder.

Even if the Raptors are unable to acquire Ingles, a bench sharpshooter who would solve a major issue for Toronto, young players like Butler and Paschall could make their way up north if Utah can find some way to make the money match up. A draft pick wouldn’t hurt either.

Will the Jazz try to take Goran Dragic away from the Toronto Raptors?

Dragic might not bring back a ton of assets for 2022, but Toronto could always use more picks. Utah has their long-term core set with Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell leading the charge, so parting with a pick that will likely end up in the 20s shouldn’t be a big deal to them.

Assuming that Dragic’s Toronto stint isn’t the best exhibition of his skills, playing alongside one of the more efficient offensive teams in the might be the secret ingredient that wakes him up. If it nets Toronto some players and picks, this is a deal Masai Ujiri and Bobby Webster have to take 10 times out of 10.

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