Get to know Alex Antetokounmpo, an improving Raptors prospect

Dominican junior Alex Antetokounmpo looks on during a game against Lourdes AcademyRs5a2680
Dominican junior Alex Antetokounmpo looks on during a game against Lourdes AcademyRs5a2680 /

Not only has Milwaukee Bucks superstar Giannis Antetokounmpo, long a thorn in the side of the Toronto Raptors, helped bring that city their first championship in decades, but he’s helped three of his brothers land deals with NBA teams. The fourth brother to make it to the league is 20-year-old Alex Antetokounmpo.

Alex, who spent some time at Dominican High School in Wisconsin as well as UCAM Murcia in Spain, has come back to North America. Antetokounmpo signed an Exhibit 10 deal with Raptors 905 to become the next developmental star that emerges from Toronto’s ranks.

Alex will get a chance to be unveiled in front of the entire basketball world when he, Giannis, and Thanasis compete in the Taco Bell Skills Challenge tonight against a team of Cavaliers stars and a trio of standout rookies. Kostas is missing out on account of playing in France.

Who exactly is this fourth Antetokounmpo brother? How close is he to becoming the next in his family to make it to the pros? Is there a chance he eventually becomes an NBA role player with more statistical prowess than two of his older brothers?

Who is Toronto Raptors prospect Alex Antetokounmpo?

Alex’s style of play differs from his brothers. Kostas is a stringy power forward with a decent jumper, Thanasis is a more stocky wing, and Giannis is a basketball cyborg hell-bent on destruction. The 6-8, 214-pound Alex profiles as a traditional slashing small forward with a developing jumper.

Antetokounmpo is averaging 3.0 points and 0.8 rebounds per game with Raptors 905 this season. While he is making 69% of his shots from the field, it’s hard to make too many estimations about his pro potential while he’s playing 6.7 minutes per game. Hopefully, that ticks up later in the season.

No one seems to be more bullish on Alex’s potential than Giannis. The two-time MVP winner claimed that Alex, who had a pre-draft workout with the Pacers last season, thinks that he has the potential to be as good as him. That’s likely not happening, but it’s still nice to see Giannis helping out his brother with these kind words.

It’ll take some time for Alex to realize his full potential, as evidenced by the fact it’s taken him so long to integrate himself into the G League ranks. However, if he can work on filling out his frame and becoming a more skilled offensive player, he may just end up as a bench player in the NBA before his career is over.

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