Pascal Siakam has funny response to Raptors fans booing Goran Dragic

TORONTO, ON - MARCH 01: Pascal Siakam #43 of the Toronto Raptors (Photo by Cole Burston/Getty Images)
TORONTO, ON - MARCH 01: Pascal Siakam #43 of the Toronto Raptors (Photo by Cole Burston/Getty Images) /

Pascal Siakam and the Toronto Raptors rebounded from a sluggish second-half start by compiling two straight wins against the rival Brooklyn Nets. Considering that former Raptors point guard Goran Dragic had just made his debut in Brooklyn, piling up those wins had to feel even sweeter.

Dragic was on the wrong side of some merciless booing in this game, as Raptors fans were not quick to forget his “higher ambitions” quote or the genuine lack of value that he provided during his tenure. Considering he was a part of the Kyle Lowry sign-and-trade. fans expected more than just a five-game tenure.

Fans booed Dragic every time he touched the ball, as it was clear they were in no mood to forgive and forget. Siakam had some mixed reactions on the booing, as it was clear that the sheer intensity of the jeers and the disdain Raptors fans have for Dragic caught him off guard.

While Siakam said that he is “not complaining” about Raptors fans choosing to boo the enemy, he admits that he was “surprised” at the onslaught of boos, claiming that he likes Dragic. No matter how his former teammates and coaches feel about him, he is never going to be well-liked in Toronto.

Toronto Raptors fans booed Goran Dragic hard.

Dragic, who scored 10 points in the loss, tried his best to claim that both he and the Raptors were in lockstep regarding his decision not to play for them. However, that doesn’t mean he was exempt from harsh booing. When you trade a franchise icon and the return is partially headlined by a guy who played five games, fans will be bitter.

The quote from the summer is one thing, but showing up at Heat games while on his personal exile from the team was just not a great look. It was clear he didn’t want to be in Toronto, so can you blame fans for being so irritated upon his return?

The fans also had reasons to be upset from a practical standpoint as well. Dragic is a veteran point guard that can shoot, which would have made him perfect for a bench that lacks those traits. Instead, he chose to bolt for Brooklyn. He got his wish, but that also means he’ll get some boos.

Now that Dragic has returned and taken his lumps in a close loss, this chapter in Raptors history can officially be closed. The Raptors have Thad Young, and Dragic has officially become persona non grata.

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