Raptors: Pass or pursue on 4 proposed Malachi Flynn trades

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH - NOVEMBER 18: Malachi Flynn #22 of the Toronto Raptors (Photo by Alex Goodlett/Getty Images)
SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH - NOVEMBER 18: Malachi Flynn #22 of the Toronto Raptors (Photo by Alex Goodlett/Getty Images) /
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The Toronto Raptors are still undecided on the fate of former first-round pick Malachi Flynn. While he was taken very high and expected to integrate into the roster as Fred vanVleet’s backup, Flynn has been so poor that he was excommunicated entirely from the rotation.

Flynn is on the books next year, but he could also be a trade target if Masai Ujiri is still unsure of his ability to become a high-level starter at the professional level. After seeing his scoring and efficiency fall off a cliff, Ujiri and the front office are right to have some concerns.

Flynn might need a change of scenery, as what’s going on in Toronto is not conducive to helping him grow as a player. Getting more playing time on another quality team could be better than limited spurts of mop-up duty north of the border.

Eric Koreen of The Athletic threw out several interesting trade proposals that send Flynn elsewhere in exchange for a young player coming to Toronto. While not all of these trades are perfectly constructed, some interesting moves could help Flynn move on. Which ones should the Raptors pull the trigger on?

Should the Toronto Raptors pursue these Malachi Flynn trades?

4. Flynn goes to Utah

Azubuike would help the Raptors get bigger and stronger, as the 6-11 and 280-pound center can be a solid rebounder and shot-blocker if he gets a clean bill of health. Flynn would end up with another reliable organization, and the Raptors get a young big. What’s the issue? Well, it’s the return.

Azubuike has a litany of foot and lower body injuries, making him much less attractive as a trade candidate. While the Jazz will get a young point guard that can learn from a 6-1 star in Mike Conley, Toronto would be getting one of the rawest big men in the Western Conference.

The Jazz would win a Raptors trade that involves Malachi Flynn.

Azubuike has played in just 32 games over the last two seasons, averaging 3.0 points and 2.6 rebounds in that span. In addition, he’s been so poor on offense that the only value he offers is dunking the basketball.

Flynn could fit in with the Jazz, but Azubuike is such a question mark on both ends at this point that Ujiri should hang up the phone if Utah offers him. The Raptors need to get more rebounding excellence, but there are safer options that don’t require a player like Flynn to get traded.

Verdict: Pass