Raptors: Vince Carter defends Toronto from Chris Broussard

TORONTO, ONTARIO - JUNE 10: Former Toronto Raptors player Vince Carter (Photo by Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images)
TORONTO, ONTARIO - JUNE 10: Former Toronto Raptors player Vince Carter (Photo by Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images) /

The Toronto Raptors are trying to bring Kevin Durant to Toronto, thus putting him alongside names like Vince Carter and Kawhi Leonard in the annals of franchise history. While Toronto seems like an ideal destination for him, some talking heads appear to be more skeptical.

Chris Broussard has spent the last few days getting torn to shreds by Raptors fans and the larger NBA community for his comments about Toronto. Broussard hinted that the cultural melting pot could make African-American players feel uncomfortable in a statement that was immediately contradicted.

Former players like Norman Powell and Rondae Hollis-Jefferson took turns slicing Broussard’s take to pieces. It may have taken someone with Carter’s status in the city to finally put this take to bed, and VC was more than happy to oblige on his YouTube show. 

Carter said that Broussard’s theory does not hold up, claiming that Toronto is “not an awkward city for an African-American.” With several current and former players all jumping in to say Broussard doesn’t know what he is talking about, that could be all the proof KD needs to decide to make the journey up north.

Toronto Raptors: Vince Carter defended Canada from Chris Broussard.

Of all the cities for Broussard to attack for being unwelcoming for African-American players, going after a multicultural haven like Toronto that has routinely received rave reviews from the NBA community was odd, to say the least. The lack of Broussard support speaks volumes.

Carter might not be in Durant’s rarified air as a player, but there was a brief time when he ruled the world from an attention standpoint in Toronto. If anyone is qualified to speak on what it is like being one of the biggest names in the game while playing in Canada, it’s Carter. VC is all aboard the KD to Toronto train.

The biggest concern that Durant should have about playing in Toronto (taxes notwithstanding) will be what the roster will look like after they move heaven and earth to acquire him. Living in Toronto will not be something that KD has to worry about, no matter what Broussard says.

There are many questions Raptors fans will have surrounding a Durant trade. Likewise, KD himself might be apprehensive about playing in Canada. However, as has been proven thanks to testimonies by former players like Carter, day-to-day life in Toronto should not be one of those issues.

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