Raptors trade rumors: 3 Western Conference guards to target

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The Toronto Raptors have been identified as a team that could set the NBA trade frenzy ablaze as the trade deadline looms closer. The Raptors have plenty of impending free agents that can change the dynamic of a championship team, and teams are circling them like hawks waiting for them to press the big red button.

The Raptors will likely decide to retool rather than rebuild if they move off some players. After all, Scottie Barnes could hit his stride rather quickly and Pascal Siakam will likely get a huge supermax contract. The Raptors could instantly move back into contender mode if they become more comfortable with their roster construction.

Toronto might need to look to the Western Conference, where the elite teams are starting to separate from the pack following a surplus of early-season parity, for the perfect candidate that satisfies all of their issues. They might be able to add long-term difference-makers and quick veteran fixes.

The Raptors should take a gander at this trio of guards that can come right in and make an offensive impact. Toronto should be in the market for both veterans and young guns who could be a part of the team’s new-look core, and it’s up to Masai Ujiri to ignite that activeness.

Toronto Raptors trade rumors: 3 Western Conference guards to target.

3. Eric Gordon, Houston Rockets

Gordon has been mentioned as a trade candidate for the last four years, but this might be the time Houston finally bites the bullet and trades him. After authoring up some stinging quotes about the state of the franchise, Gordon is finally starting to show that he is fed up with the culture.

While Gordon is not going to score 20 points every game, he has averaged a robust 12.7 points per game in the last two seasons while making just under 40% of his 3-pointers. While the shooting has ticked up slightly in the last few weeks, Toronto still lacks in this area.

Eric Gordon could be a nice fit for the Toronto Raptors.

Considering that Thad Young went for a first-round pick last year, Gordon might not come cheap. If the Raptors can potentially get a third team involved or protect the pick heavily, Gordon might be able to come to Toronto and plug a much-needed hole on a wildly volatile bench.

Gordon will likely get his wish to leave granted at some point in the near future, but other contenders will be hot on his trail. Toronto needs to be showstopping with their offer to Rafael Stone, as they will need to beat out teams willing to offer more promising assets than Ujiri is comfortable with.

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