2023 NBA Mock Draft: Can the Toronto Raptors draft a star?

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The Toronto Raptors are starting to turn away from making a win-now trade due to their recent poor record and are positioning themselves to earn a top-10 NBA Draft pick for the second time in three years. They aren’t alone in their pursuit of a game-changer.

The 2023 NBA mock draft machine is starting to get fired back up, as this class features two different players that are regarded as elite prospects that will come into town and instantly assert themselves as stars that can be franchise cornerstones right off the jump.

At the same time, perennial tanking teams will be looking to finally strike gold and land a player that can pull them out of the dreg heap that is the lottery. This is certainly a good year for that, given how top-heavy this draft class appears to be.

Which teams will bring home a star in the 2023 NBA Draft? While the draft is still a few months away, any executive that is worth a damn is already hard at work scouting potential picks.

2023 NBA Mock Draft 2.0

Victor Wembanyama
C France

It is not hyperbolic to infer that Wembanyama is in the same rarified air as a prospect that names like LeBron James once reached. How many 7-4 ball-handlers who can create their own shot, defend multiple positions, and run the floor well have ever existed?

While things are very glum in Houston, they could soon be overloaded with insane young talent. Wembanyama as the centerpiece with Jalen Green, Jabari Smith, and Alperen Sengun around him might be the finest collection of youngsters in the Western Conference.

NBA Mock Draft: Victor Wembanyama and Scoot Henderson are elite.

Scoot Henderson
PG G League

While this may cause a bit of a backcourt logjam alongside Cade Cunningham and Jaden Ivey, Henderson is so preposterously talented and athletic that it would be a real waste to pass him up and let someone else take over the No. 2 spot. Henderson plays like John Wall reincarnated.

While he isn’t the most amazing shooter right now, it’s worth working with a player of this caliber in order to correct that mistake. Be it with Dwane Casey or a new voice, it’ll be tough to see how a Cunningham-Henderson backcourt doesn’t immediately put the Eastern Conference on notice.

Brandon Miller
SF Alabama

While Charlotte could be a bit annoyed if they miss on Wembanyama and Henderson, Miller is looking like a No. 1 pick in most non-Wemby seasons. Averaging 20.1 points and 8.3 rebounds per game on 46% shooting from 3-point range shows what a terrific offensive player he is at this stage of his career.

No matter what offseason tumult happens, the Hornets will build their future around the exploits of LaMelo Ball in the backcourt. Michael Jordan couldn’t find a wing better suited to play with Ball than Miller, who should be able to handle starting responsibilities right out of the box.

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