Raptors fans rip Scott Foster after awful calls in Raptors-Nuggets

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA - JANUARY 09: Referee Scott Foster #48 (Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images)
SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA - JANUARY 09: Referee Scott Foster #48 (Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images) /

There remains no more sure way to ruin a great basketball game in the NBA than by having Scott Foster officiate it. The Toronto Raptors were reminded of this unfortunate NBA truth during what was a fantastic back-and-forth game between themselves and the Denver Nuggets.

After largely holding MVP frontrunner Nikola Jokic in check on the offensive end, the Raptors once again found themselves in a crunch-time situation following dome defensive breakdowns. Sensing blood in the water, Foster managed to bungle the ending in a comical fashion.

Foster failed to overturn an off-ball foul on the red-hot Scottie Barnes in the final minute, actually reversed a foul on Jokic that became a jump ball and an extra Denver possession, and ejected Barnes with a few seconds left in a one-point game.

Foster took it upon himself to hand Denver a 118-113 win that served as an absolute gut punch for play-in hungry Toronto.

NBA fans of all backgrounds have had it up to here with Foster’s subpar officiating, and they came together Avengers-style to roast someone that would be fired in any other line of work if he consistently performed this poorly.

NBA Twitter rips Scott Foster during the Raptors-Nuggets game.

Foster took matters into his own hands once again, apparently convinced that the rowdy crowd at Ball Arena was there to see his expert refereeing instead of the players on the court. What a joke.

Barnes getting ejected was the most puzzling call. Not only was it taking one of the best players in the game off the floor due to something so subjective that it is the dictionary definition of a judgment call, but Aaron Gordon’s two free throws essentially iced the game.

Hopefully, the fans in Denver were thrilled to see such a ravishing performance of blown whistles, jogging up and down the court, and pointing the other way after a foul. That’s how everyone wants to see the game end, right?

Chris Paul has become famous for his vendetta against Foster, and Raptors fans are now joining Paul’s side as an aggrieved party. Fans may not see eye to eye on many issues across the team divide, but hating Tim Dongahy’s best bud is a good way to get all of NBA Twitter together.

The worst part about all of this? The fact that this game has been reduced to more Foster ineptitude rather than what was a tremendous back-and-forth between two good teams. He won. The fact that his name will be up in lights on social media means that we all know he exists. This is what he wanted.

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