3 teams that could steal Gary Trent Jr. from Raptors in free agency

MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN - MARCH 19: Gary Trent Jr. #33 of the Toronto Raptors (Photo by John Fisher/Getty Images)
MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN - MARCH 19: Gary Trent Jr. #33 of the Toronto Raptors (Photo by John Fisher/Getty Images) /
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The Toronto Raptors might be in the market for a cheaper shooting guard this offseason, as Gary Trent Jr. could be on the move. While he did struggle during the last few stretches of the season, Trent still provides a ton of traits that are in short supply on this team.

Trent averaged 17.4 points per game while providing more turnover generation on defense and an above-average 3-point shot that teams need to respect with a great degree of earnestness. While he didn’t end the year on a high note due to being flipped between the bench and starting lineup, he is poised to cash in.

Trent signed a $51.8 million contract with Toronto two years ago, but he could get a deal that could conceivably pay him around $20 million per season with more years attached if he chooses to opt out of the final year of his deal. If he has half a brain, that’s the best course of action.

The Raptors have to be well aware of the fact that they will not be the only team that will make a concerted effort to sign Trent in the offseason. These three teams will be right on his tail, and their offer might be enough to bring an end to Trent’s productive stint north of the border.

3 teams who could lure Gary Trent Jr. from the Toronto Raptors.

3. Houston Rockets

The Rockets have more cap space than anyone in the league, and the brash Ime Udoka has made no bones about the fact that he is going to turn the roster upside down and wipe the slate clean in the name of getting Houston back to the playoffs. If it’s purely a money thing, Trent could be headed to Texas.

The Rockets shot a ton of 3-pointers, but even the offensively-challenged Raptors were better from beyond the arc this season. Trent moving to Houston would help, as his smooth half-court creation skills will allow Jalen Green to operate with more space.

The Houston Rockets have the money to sign Gary Trent Jr.

Even with all of the rumors surrounding Green and the James Harden links, the Rockets need a few more big names in the backcourt if Udoka is serious about getting this team back in the postseason picture in the first year. Trent would suffice, all while filling a huge need.

With Houston in a position to add Victor Wembanyama or a more traditional wing like Brandon Miller with one of their first-round picks, Trent might find a new home here. The Raptors will likely prioritize Fred VanVleet, which could force Trent to see gainful employment elsewhere.