Nick Nurse thanks Raptors franchise in combative 76ers press conference

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA - APRIL 04: Head coach Nick Nurse of the Toronto Raptors (Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images)
CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA - APRIL 04: Head coach Nick Nurse of the Toronto Raptors (Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images) /

The Toronto Raptors made a huge shift in their organizational philosophy, abandoning their Nick Nurse-led future via an unceremonious firing in order to tear down their old structure and build something new. However, Nurse was not out of work for very long after shoving his championship ring in Daryl Morey’s face.

Nurse landed a job as the head coach of the Philadelphia 76ers, giving him the task of getting Joel Embiid past the second round of the NBA postseason after three straight seasons of stalling out. The Raptors-76ers rivalry is going to be as strong as ever next season after Nurse defected to Philly.

Nurse took the time to say thank you to Masai Ujiri and Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment after ten seasons with the organization as an assistant or head coach. While the end was a bit messy, Nurse remains the best coach in franchise history by a mile.

Nurse wearing a red and blue tie with that 76ers logo behind him had to be a system shock for many Raptors fans, but Nurse seems to be at peace with the decision. Things went along as usual until Nurse got his very first dose of how ruthless certain 76ers media members can be.

Nick Nurse thanks Toronto Raptors, clashes with media.

Nurse said that part of the reason he chose to come to Philadelphia over a team like the Phoenix Suns was the ability to coach Joel Embiid and the organizational structure. While Phoenix was also an attractive spot, getting his hands on Embiid had to appeal to Nurse.

Things seemed to be going well until Nurse had his first dust-up with the notoriously persistent Philadelphia media. When Nurse was asked about James Harden and the potential to sign him to a long-term meal, Nurse got involved in what could charitably be described as a very terse exchange.

Nurse bickered back and forth with the reporter who wanted to pick his brain. While Toronto media was often hit and miss when it came to challenging Nurse, Philly seems like a place that is going to put him through the wringer after years of doing the same with Doc Rivers.

Nurse might make a few more viral clips on Twitter once he finds out that he can’t start press conferences with wisecracks to Doug Smith, but he can nullify those concerns if he helps the 76ers win and gets a second championship ring.

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