5 assets Raptors must ask for in possible Pascal Siakam trade to Pacers

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Myles Turner
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4. Myles Turner

On the one hand, the Pacers would probably be interested in the possibility of adding Pascal Siakam as a complement to Myles Turner. However, on the other hand, the Raptors can’t seemingly make this deal without getting at least one proven asset in return. That could possibly be Turner.

The big question for the Raptors, if Turner is one of the players they demand in return in a Siakam trade to Indiana, is whether he could play alongside Jakob Poeltl, who the team just invested big money in.

Can the Toronto Raptors get Myles Turner?

Even if the team doesn’t believe in a Turner-Poeltl frontcourt, that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t take him back as part of the deal. Turner is an asset, and if the Raptors don’t have much long-term use for him, they could decide to flip him down the line. Essentially, they could turn Turner into multiple other assets, say, at the NBA Trade Deadline if they wanted to.

Turner is still growing as a player and is coming off the best season of his career in the league by far. Turner is not the level of player that Siakam is, but when building out a trade package, he’s a good target to start with from a talent perspective.