3 reasons the Toronto Raptors should not trade Pascal Siakam

Pascal Siakam of the Toronto Raptors.
Pascal Siakam of the Toronto Raptors. /
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Pascal Siakam has been the Toronto Raptors’ best player since 2020, but rumors of a potential trade have been swirling. Siakam is a former NBA Champion, MIP, and a two All-Star. However, with a year left on his contract, his free agency is starting to circle over Toronto’s head.

The Raptors’ pick at 27 in the 2016 NBA Draft has been one of the best players in franchise history. His game has improved immensely over the years, and his performance during the last two seasons suggests that the best of Siakam is still to come.

Now is not the time to move him, as the Raptors could end up setting themselves back with an ill-fated move if they decide to pursue this line of inquiry. Keeping him is the best way to ensure they could be a contender in teams to come.

3 reasons the Toronto Raptors should not trade Pascal Siakam:

3. Who replaces Pascal Siakam at the power forward?

Should any of the rumors surrounding Siakam’s name this summer precede a trade, his departure would leave a huge hole in the Raptors’ lineup. Scottie Barnes would likely be the immediate replacement, leaving the point guard duties to recent free agent Dennis Schroder.

The return package could also create some roster logjams that make it harder for Barnes to become the star the team thinks he can be.

For example, a three-way deal between Toronto, Portland, and Miami could work with Tyler Herro coming to Toronto, Siakam to Portland, and Damian Lillard to the Heat. Herro could provide Toronto with another sharpshooter, but he could interfere with Gary Trent Jr. and Gradey Dick.

Trading Pascal Siakam hurts the Toronto Raptors.

The chemistry between Barnes and Siakam on high-low feeds has been brilliant to watch. Both players are steady scorers, and keeping them together for a few years could be electric. However, Barnes, by himself with no lead scorer to take pressure away, is a risky bet.

Siakam will be difficult to replace even with Barnes claiming his spot and the team will be weaker overall. Trading Siakam now could trigger what has been a slow rolling rebuild, since 2020, into full swing, something management has been resisting for a while.