NBA rumors: Top Raptors trade target likely off the market in 2023

The Toronto Raptors have seemingly gauged the markets for some of their more important players, but Masai Ujiri has essentially said that he is not going to move one of those names unless he gets a no-doubt impact player on a controllable contract in exchange for one of them.

The Golden State Warriors have multiple young players who could be moved if they want to wring one more championship run with their current core. Due to his impressive athletic ability, Jonathan Kuminga has been a very prized player. A trade for Kuminga could be a dream, but it seems quite unrealistic.

According to NBA insider Mark Medina, the Warriors seem unlikely to trade away Kuminga, whom they balked at including in the OG Anunoby trade package at the trade deadline. Golden State may have traded James Wiseman, and Moses Moody might be available, but Kuminga might not be.

If the Raptors end up selling at the trade deadline, Golden State might not be a realistic destination for either Anunoby or Pascal Siakam if Kuminga is not going to be on the table. This is a shame, as he seems like the type of player that Masai Ujiri typically holds in high regard.

NBA rumors: Toronto Raptors unlikely to get Jonathan Kuminga

Kuminga has averaged 9.6 points and 3.4 rebounds per game in the last two seasons with Golden State, but his production has started to flatline. With so many veterans competing with him for playing time, he hasn’t been given the responsibility his play would warrant.

Draymond Green coming back on a costly contract would make it even more challenging for Kuminga to thrive. The Raptors may have more 6-8 forwards who can’t shoot than seemingly any other team in the league, but Kuminga would exceed all of them with ease.

The Warriors had some interest in Anunoby last season, which would likely be reignited if the Raptors start selling. Giving away Kuminga for a player like Siakam with one year left on his deal might be a hard sell, but Siakam is the type of player to warrant such an investment.

If the Raptors thought a package centered around AJ Griffin and DeAndre Hunter was inadequate for Siakam, they might need to insist on a player like Kuminga. If he is off the market, the Raptors and Warriors likely won’t have any business to discuss.