3 Things Toronto Raptors fans want to see in the 2023-24 season

TORONTO, ON - OCTOBER 2: Scottie Barnes #4 of the Toronto Raptors (Photo by Mark Blinch/Getty Images)
TORONTO, ON - OCTOBER 2: Scottie Barnes #4 of the Toronto Raptors (Photo by Mark Blinch/Getty Images) /
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The Toronto Raptors have not done a very good job of pleasing their fans in the last few months, as they have remained in the middle of the league despite multiple opportunities to make a rebuilding trade that blows up the roster or go all-in on trying to win this season.

While this team did throw some chum to the fans by refusing to give Fred VanVleet a max contract and getting rid of Nick Nurse, the team still has plenty of negative vibes permeating around right now. Darko Rajakovic needs to not only improve the team’s performance but also work on restoring the vibes around Toronto.

Fans will be very demanding this season, and they have every right to ask for that much from their new squad. With the Raptors pledging that internal development will bring about the success that eluded them last year, Toronto seems to believe their plan is a no-sweat plan for success.

The Toronto fanbase needs to see these three things to brighten up the mood and push all of the negative clouds out of the proverbial sky. The path to a successful season is there, provided Toronto checks these very important boxes in their quest to claim back to respectability.

3 things Toronto Raptors fans need to see in 2023-24.

3. Better shooting

Even a basic analysis of Raptors basketball in the last few seasons shows that the team’s issues with being consistently effective from 3-point range reached epidemic levels. Improvements were made, but will they be enough to fix the issue at hand completely?

Rajakovic is an offensive-minded coach who comes from Mike Budenholzer’s system and helped turn the Grizzlies into one of the best and most consistent offenses in the league. Even a slight tick in the right direction could work wonders for a Raptors team crying out for some consistency.

Will the Toronto Raptors shoot better from 3-point range?

The addition of Gradey Dick was made with the sole intent of being a better 3-point shooting team, and the team seems to be expecting Otto Porter Jr. to return and shoot like he did in his comeback season with the Warriors. Whether he fulfills that potential is another debate altogether.

Scottie Barnes will be under the microscope all season long, as his inability to add a consistent 3-point shot to his game last season was one of the main reasons Nurse’s offense stagnated. The Raptors will be unable to run a Rajakovic-style offense without improved shooting.