Grade the Trade: 3-team proposal sends Pascal Siakam to Atlanta

TORONTO, CANADA - NOVEMBER 13: Pascal Siakam #43 of the Toronto Raptors (Photo by Cole Burston/Getty Images)
TORONTO, CANADA - NOVEMBER 13: Pascal Siakam #43 of the Toronto Raptors (Photo by Cole Burston/Getty Images) /

No matter how many 39-point performances he puts up, there will always be trade rumors surrounding Toronto Raptors star Pascal Siakam until either the trade deadline passes or Masai Ujiri finally makes the decision to part with him. The Atlanta Hawks can’t be removed from the picture until the last minute.

The Hawks made an effort to acquire Siakam in the offseason, but Toronto was unable to get a deal done. As it stands now, the Raptors must decide between either parting ways with a franchise icon or giving him a massive extension that will wipe out the team’s financial flexibility.

While it seems like Toronto has hit a wall when it comes to trading Siakam to Atlanta, getting a third team involved might be the secret ingredient that finally gets a deal done. Such a move might help Toronto reclaim some assets for the future.

Tyler Watts at Space City Scoop, FanSided’s Houston Rockets site, proposed a 3-team trade that sends Siakam to Atlanta and former Houston big man Clint Capela back to Texas to back up Alperen Sengun. Toronto is getting a collection of role players and unprotected picks.

Grade the Trade: 3-team proposal send Toronto Raptors’ Pascal Siakam to Hawks

The Raptors would be getting one immediate star player in Hunter. Not only is he still a rock-solid defender, but he has a higher offensive ceiling than many of the similar players Toronto has signed over the years with a similar style of play. Hunter could immediately vault into the starting lineup.

The unprotected picks are quite desirable, but Toronto might not be too enticed by a package that featured this collection of role players. Oladipo is offering next to nothing due to all of his injuries, and Landale seems to be as bang-average of a center as there is in the league.

This trade doesn’t change the fact that two of Toronto’s top five non-Siakam offensive players in OG Anunoby and the struggling Gary Trent Jr. could still hit the open market in free agency, and Toronto did not add an offensive difference-maker to the fold to replace Siakam. What would this solve, exactly?

Picks are all well and good, but teams need to come with more than just a sack full of mystery boxes that could eventually turn into someone worth a damn if they want to acquire Siakam. With one or two more impactful players, this trade could have been much better.

Grade: B