1 Crucial goal for each member of the Raptors' young core next season

Big leaps do not come without a couple of baby steps, what side quests can this Raptors core embark on in their journey to the top?
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RJ Barrett: All-Star

After being labelled a toxic asset in circles around the NBA, Raptors fans were anxiously optimistic about how well RJ Barrett would thrive in a main role with the new-look Raptors. After 32 games with the Raptors, RJ has shown the potential to be a game-changer on the offensive end, looking like an entirely different player than who he was with the Knicks.

Since joining the Raptors, RJ has improved his average points, rebounds, assists, blocks, steals, and both his 3PT% and his overall field goal %. If RJ continues to play with this level of consistency, and the Raptors manage a respectable record next season, RJ could make the case that he deserves a spot at all-star weekend.

Immanuel Quickley: 15+ Points and 8+ Assists Per Game

When Immanuel Quickley was brought to Toronto through the OG Anunoby trade, he was eager to show that he had more in his game than being a spark-plug scorer off the bench. Soon enough, Quickley made his presence felt with the Raptors, as both an electric scorer and an extremely selfless playmaker.

After coming to Toronto, Quickley's assists per game rose from a measly 2.5 to an impressive 6.8, while showing extremely promising pick-and-roll chemistry with big man Jakob Poeltl. When Scottie Barnes has been absent, Quickley has stepped up as the second-in-command for this Raptors squad, and only looks to be improving.

With the Raptors set to increase their offensive arsenal with their array of draft picks, Quickley's playmaking ability will be put on full display, and will be critical in unlocking the potential of the Raptors increasingly young core.