1 Crucial goal for each member of the Raptors' young core next season

Big leaps do not come without a couple of baby steps, what side quests can this Raptors core embark on in their journey to the top?
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Gradey Dick: 10+ PPG on 40+ 3PT%

Undeniably the most-improved player on the Raptors roster this year, the former 13th overall pick from Kansas kept his head down through all of the noise, and by the end of the season carved himself a solid role into the Raptors future plans.

At first, Gradey's lack of three-point consistency was nerve-wracking for fans, who were sold on the idea of Dick as an instant sharpshooting threat for the Raptors. It was only until after the all-star break where Gradey found his rythym, which allowed him to end the season averaging 8.5 points on 36% shooting from three.

With a whole offseason to develop his game, and the imminent return of Scottie Barnes, Gradey will have a near-perfect role as the complementary sharpshooting wing that many thought he would be right out of the draft.

With many mouths to feed in this Raptors offense, Gradey is unlikely to find a role as a main scoring option with the team. Therefore, it is best for Gradey to focus on what he was brought in to do, consistently knock down his looks from three, and provide a mix of floor-spacing and playmaking that will allow other players on the court to excel with him.

Ochai Agbaji: Establish An Identity

In all fairness, Agbaji's goal for the upcoming season is much less tangible than the goals set out for the other members of the Raptors core. However at the moment, this is because Agbaji's role with the team is just as vague as our expectations suggest.

Since arriving to Toronto, Ochai has not proved to be especially remarkable at any specific role. His defensive ability, though positive, is not at the level where he can be trusted to guard the league's best players, and his lack of offensive versatility has relegated him to an off-ball role, relying on back-cuts and catch-and-shoot scenarios to make an impact.

Agbaji's most promising role with the team would be as a primary ball-stopper whose capable of guarding a teams second or third option, while providing spacing on the offensive end. For Ochai, this means stepping up and volunteering to guard the hardest matchups available, while spending the offseason perfecting his role as a decent off-ball threat on offense.

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