2 Toronto Raptors who are expendable, and 1 they can't afford to trade

Masai Ujiri needs to be willing to make a move.
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The Toronto Raptors were roundly ripped for deciding not to sell off some pieces from a core that is clearly not going to win anything as currently constructed. Masai Ujiri might finally be ready to make some moves, as they need to both get an improved bench and add draft capital.

The Raptors could move bigger names like Pascal Siakam or OG Anunoby, both of whom are impending free agents who could leave at the end of this year, if they want to make more sizable changes. However, smaller moves should not be discounted as potential avenues to improve this roster.

If Ujiri is not operating under the assumption that all but a handful of players are off-limits, that is a foolish way of thinking. There are smaller trades that can make the Raptors better in the short-term in addition to some of the more explosive deals that require some extra wheeling and dealing.

While there are two players on this Raptors team that Ujiri should look into trading as soon as possible, he also needs to have enough foresight to hold off on moving one player which is incredibly important to how Toronto operates on both sides of the ball. Ujiri needs to strike the right balance.

2 Toronto Raptors players who are tradeable, 1 who shouldn't be moved.

Tradeable: Precious Achiuwa

The Raptors have tried everything to make Achiuwa work, and he remains one of the most frustrating players in the league. He'll look like a budding All-Star one night and follow that up with a game that makes it look like he was a popcorn vendor they pulled out of the stands.

Achiwua is averaging 7.3 points per game while making just 43% of his shots, both of which are major downgrades from what he was amassing under Nick Nurse. The days of Achiuwa being viewed as an indispensable bench player are coming to a close.

The Toronto Raptors must consider trading Precious Achiuwa.

The Raptors currently have four 6-8 power forwards who aren't regarded as high-volume or very effective 3-point shooters. Of those four, Thad Young is essentially an assistant coach with how little he plays, Jalen McDaniels has regressed to the point where he is barely playable, and Chris Boucher's age makes him less desirable as a trade chip.

Achiuwa would have suitors on the trade market, as a player with his combination of youth, defense, and raw athletic talent is going to get people interested. That being said, Toronto needs to draw a line in the sand and move off him if he doesn't improve.