2 Toronto Raptors who are expendable, and 1 they can't afford to trade

Masai Ujiri needs to be willing to make a move.
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Untradeable: OG Anunoby

It seems increasingly unlikely that Toronto will keep running it back with Siakam and Barnes together on expensive contracts, which means that the possibility of trading Pascal away is right back in the spotlight. Anunoby is being discussed as a trade target, but it would make no sense to do so.

From a value perspective, trading Anunoby to get less value than they would in a Siakam trade would be an odd decision. Anunoby is a much better fit as a complementary piece to Barnes, as he keeps the defense together and helps with 3-point shooting.

The Toronto Raptors can't trade OG Anunoby this season.

Whenever Anunoby had to miss time this season, the defense collapsed around him. One of the few above-average 3-point shooters on this team, OG's shooting from deep is one of the reasons a Raptors team that ranks 27th in 3-point percentage isn't at the bottom.

His defense remains so elite that he needs to be on the All-Defensive team once again at the end of this season. A long-term contract for OG will be cheaper than what Siakam will cost, and fans will mercifully avoid a fourth season of coaches trying to get Pascal and Barnes cooking at the same time.