2024 NBA Draft: When is it, how to watch, and what is new this year?

The 2024 NBA Draft is this week, which means it's time to figure out when and how to watch and why this year will be different than ever before.
Adam Silver, 2023 NBA Draft
Adam Silver, 2023 NBA Draft / Sarah Stier/GettyImages

The 2024 NBA Draft has arrived.

This week the latest edition of the NBA Offseason's premier event will take place. For many teams, the draft represents their best lifeline to hope in a better tomorrow. For other, more successful teams, the NBA Draft is an opportunity to continue maintaining an advantage over their peers.

This year things will be a little different in how the NBA Draft both runs and is presented, so it's important to know when to tune in and what to expect.

When is the 2024 NBA Draft?

The first round of the 2024 NBA Draft is Wednesday, June 26th and will begin at 8:00 PM ET and will be held at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY, which is home to the Brooklyn Nets. The draft's second round will take place on Thursday, June 27th and begin at 4:00 PM ET. ESPN will host the second round at its Seaport District Studios in New York.

How to Watch the 2024 NBA Draft

The First Round of the 2024 NBA Draft will be broadcast on both ABC and ESPN. The popularity of the draft has increased in recent years, and the NBA and its broadcast partner ESPN (owned by Disney) want to turn the NBA Draft into a big event similar to the NFL Draft. That is why they will interrupt normal Wednesday programming on ABC to present the draft.

The Second Round of the draft will be held on Thursday and air on ESPN at 4:00 PM ET. The second round was likely originally meant to air in primetime, but a Presidential Debate between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump is airing that night and the draft was accordingly moved earlier in the day. In future years it may be that the Second Round is also aired in primetime.

In addition to ABC and ESPN, the draft can be watched on ESPN+, or you can stream it through a subscription service such as FuboTV. Finally, you may tune into coverage of the draft on ESPN Radio.

What is different about the NBA Draft this year?

In years past, the NBA Draft has taken place entirely on a single night. The NBA decided to change the format this year and expand the draft to two separate nights, approaching more closely the NFL's three-day draft structure. The first round will take place on Wednesday, June 26th followed by the second round on Thursday the 27th.

The NBA's Executive Vice President Joe Dumars made a statement on the change. "Based on feedback about the NBA Draft format from basketball executives around the league and my own experience in draft rooms, we believe that teams will benefit from being able to regroup between rounds and having additional time to make decisions during the second round. Two nights of primetime coverage will also enhance the viewing experience for our fans and further showcase the draftees.”

One additional change to the structure will be increased time for teams to make their picks in the second round. In previous years teams had just two minutes to make selections, limiting the number of trades that could occur. Now teams will have four minutes to make second-round selections. The time for picks in the first round will remain at five minutes.

Which prospects are attending the 2024 NBA Draft?

This year, the NBA has invited 25 players to attend the draft at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. Of those players, 24 have accepted the green room invitation and are expected to be in attendance on Wednesday night. One prospect, Purdue center Zach Edey, declined the invitation to watch the draft at home with friends, family and teammates.

Here is the full list of invitations:

What is the 2024 NBA Draft order?

Here is the full order of teams picking in the 2024 NBA Draft, starting with the Atlanta Hawks with the first overall pick:

1. Atlanta
2. Washington
3. Houston (from Brooklyn)
4. San Antonio
5. Detroit
6. Charlotte
7. Portland
8. San Antonio (from Toronto)
9. Memphis
10. Utah
11. Chicago
12. Oklahoma City (from Houston)
13. Sacramento
14. Portland (from Golden State via Boston and Memphis)
15. Miami
16. Philadelphia
17. Los Angeles Lakers
18. Orlando
19. Toronto (from Indiana)
20. Cleveland
21. New Orleans (from Milwaukee)
22. Phoenix
23. Milwaukee (from New Orleans)
24. New York (from Dallas)
25. New York
26. Washington (from LA Clippers via Dallas and Oklahoma City)
27. Minnesota
28. Denver
29. Utah (from Oklahoma City via Toronto and Indiana)
30. Boston

31. Toronto (from Detroit via New York and LA Clippers)
32. Utah (from Washington via Detroit and Brooklyn)
33. Milwaukee (from Portland via Sacramento)
34. Portland (from Charlotte via Denver, Oklahoma City and New Orleans)
35. San Antonio
36. Indiana (from Toronto via Philadelphia, LA Clippers and Memphis)
37. Minnesota (from Memphis via Los Angeles Lakers, Washington and Oklahoma City)
38. New York (from Utah)
39. Memphis (from Brooklyn via Houston)
40. Portland (from Atlanta)
41. Philadelphia (from Chicago via Boston, San Antonio and New Orleans)
42. Charlotte (from Houston via Oklahoma City)
43. Miami
44. Houston (from Golden State via Atlanta)
45. Sacramento
46. LA Clippers (from Indiana via Memphis and Milwaukee)
47. Orlando
48. San Antonio (from Los Angeles Lakers via Memphis)
— Philadelphia (forfeited)
49. Indiana (from Cleveland)
50. Indiana (from New Orleans)
51. Washington (from Phoenix)
52. Golden State (from Milwaukee via Indiana)
53. Detroit (from New York via Philadelphia and Charlotte)
54. Boston (from Dallas via Sacramento)
55. Los Angeles Lakers (from LA Clippers)
56. Denver (from Minnesota via Oklahoma City)
57. Memphis (from Oklahoma City via Houston and Atlanta)
— Phoenix (from Denver via Orlando; forfeited by Phoenix)
58. Dallas (from Boston via Charlotte)

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