2024 NBA Mock Draft: B/R has Raptors using 4 picks on high-end athletes, defenders

The Raptors could restock well in 2024.
Toronto Raptors Media Day
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No. 18 Stephon Castle, SG/SF, UConn

Let's get the elephant in the room out of the way. Castle is a poor shooter, and he is not asked to shoot very much by Dan Hurley and the Huskies. Why would the Raptors end the former lottery lock's slide? because he can do just about everything else on a basketball court at an above-average level.

A solid ball-handler who could be yet another point-forward type for Toronto to mess around with, Castle already looks like a very impressive defender who can generate turnovers. Even as Vision 6-9 seems to have died down, Ujiri will rarely turn down a player that can fill as many roles as Castle can on their best day.

Stephon Castle seems like a perfect fit for the Toronto Raptors.

Castle is not a complete lost cause on the offensive end, as he is crafty enough to get to the basket while making some fairly exemplary passes for a player in his role. His duties might be limited in his first season, but could become more expansive later on as he gets familiar with the pro game.

Castle wouldn't need to start as a rookie, but he and Gradey Dick together on the bench make for a very interesting contrast that could give the second unit the requisite juice they need to become a truly exceptional unit. If Castle develops a shot along the way, he could become a starter eventually.