2024 NBA Mock Draft: International players go 1-2-3, Raptors land a stud at No. 6

2024 is a Wide-Open Draft
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McCullar 15. . 38. SG. player. Kevin McCullar Jr.. 15. . Kansas. Kevin McCullar Jr.

Even with Jett Howard in town and Anthony Black set to become a stud, the Magic could use one more guard, especially if they trade away some of those pieces in the offseason. An experienced starter who has blown up this year, McCullar's floor is quite high.

PF. Tyler Smith. 110. Smith 16. . player. G League Ignite. Tyler Smith. 16.

Miami helped solve their wing issues when they went against the grain and took Jaime Jaquez Jr. in the first round. Smith has been an underrated gem in the G League, as the 6-11 plays like a traditional power forward that Erik Spoelstra and the Heat can lean on earlier than expected.

PG. Isaiah Collier. Isaiah Collier. Collier 17. USC. player. . . 17. 81

Collier has been falling down draft boards, as concerns about his defensive effort and 3-point shooting have popped up. However, in terms of raw talent, he has more than just about any guard in this class, and Toronto could transform their bench instantly by drafting him.

27. Missi 18. Baylor. . player. . Yves Missi. Yves Missi. 18. C/PF

Worried about what happens between Mitchell Robinson and Isaiah Hartenstein in the offseason? Why not replace one of them with an identical defensive ace that can come to New York and instantly assert himself as someone who can clean up while working on his offense?

Ryan Dunn. Virginia. 19. . SF. . Ryan Dunn. player. Dunn 19. 125

Dunn is never going to be an amazing scorer, but his ability to both generate tons of steals and block shots on the wing make him such a uniquely dominant player that a team sporting one of the worst defenses in the league in Atlanta would be silly not to consider him.

. 20. Dalton Knecht. Dalton Knecht. player. 69. Knecht 20. . Tennessee. SG/SF

Knecht has proven his scoring punch is just as deadly with Tennessee as it was with Northern Colorado. More bench shooting is never a bad thing, and the Pelicans could need it if they want to continue reinforcing an already strong rotation.

Edwards 21. . . 66. SF. Kentucky. Justin Edwards. Justin Edwards. 21. player

Edwards went from a potential No. 1 pick to someone who might slide out of the first round. The Suns' bench is so bad that they'll likely take a swing on the guy with the highest upside, and Edwards can legitimately be an All-Star if everything goes as planned in Phoenix.

22. 27. PG/SG. Duke. Jared McCain. player. . . Jared McCain. McCain 22

The Knicks have Jalen Brunson, but the trade of Immanuel Quickley has left them without a backup point guard with a higher ceiling than Miles McBride. McCain has become a vital scorer for Duke, and his combo guard skillset will play nicely in New York.

. Da Silva 23. Tristan da Silva. Tristan da Silva. player. . PF/SF. Colorado. 23. 156

Once again, Cleveland's elite defense needs some extra support from more effective offensive play. Shooting should be the target, and Da Silva doing that with a 6-9 frame could make him a bigger wing who starts and keeps the Cavs' defensive integrity together.

Chomche 24. . . 24. 149. player. C. NBA Academy Africa. Ulrich Chomche. Ulrich Chomche

Chomche is a Bruno Caboclo "two years away from being two years away" gamble, as his basketball experience is limited. The Thunder are perfect for him, as they can stick him in the G League as a top-shelf athlete learns how to adjust to this level of competition.

. SG/PG. player. Wagner 25. . DJ Wagner. DJ Wagner. 25. Kentucky. 73

Denver could stand to add one more slashing guard to give the bench some extra pop, and Wagner stands out above the rest due to the fact he's been equally adept as an off-ball scorer or on-ball playmaker.

81. Kentucky. Aaron Bradshaw. 26. Bradshaw 26. player. . C. Aaron Bradshaw.

Much like Edwards, Bradshaw was a top recruit struggling to get his diet of shots on a team loaded with talent. Making him the backup center to Jakob Poeltl could be ideal for him early in his career, as his frame will make him a threat to protect the rim and dominate small-ball bigs.

. Bobi Klintman. 93. . 27. Klintman 27. SF/PF. player. Cairns Taipans (Australia). Bobi Klintman

After fizzling at Wake Forest, the 6-10 Klintman and his impossibly long wingspan moved to Australia. He's starting to put the pieces together, and Philadelphia's coaching staff has adored players like him in the past.

Kolek 28. . . PG. Tyler Kolek. Tyler Kolek. 28. Marquette. player. 86

The Wolves have Mike Conley at point guard, but he won't be around forever. Kolek, who can work on the Minnesota bench until Conley hangs them up, is a triple-double threat who generates almost two steals per game.

. 29. Oso Ighodaro. PF/C. player. 89. Ighodaro 29. . Marquette. Oso Ighodaro

The Bucks need to focus on defense, as Adrian Griffin was fired due to the team's regression in that area. Ighodaro will require lots of offensive work, but he can come right into the pros and start making life hell on opposing bigs thanks to his size and hustle.

Simpson 30. . . KJ Simpson. KJ Simpson. Colorado. 30. player. 18. PG/SG

Boston might go best player available here, and Simpson knocking down triples at a crazy clip might help him fit the bill. The fact he is the leading scorer on a team that features Cody Williams and Tristan da Silva speaks to his overall quality.