2024 NBA Mock Draft: Raptors win the Lottery, Kentucky guards plummet

It's time for another 2024 NBA Mock Draft! This version has the Raptors picking first, the Spurs taking another Frenchman, and Kentucky's guards plummeting.
Jesse Wagstaff, Alex Sarr, Perth Wildcats and Matas Buzelis, Ron Holland, G League Ignite
Jesse Wagstaff, Alex Sarr, Perth Wildcats and Matas Buzelis, Ron Holland, G League Ignite / Ethan Miller/GettyImages
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16. Philadelphia 76ers select Kevin McCullar

The Philadelphia 76ers benefited significantly this past season from the presence of Nic Batum on the roster, a long and savvy defender with precision passing chops and good decision-marking. Whether or not Batum returns next season, the Sixers can draft his replacement in Kevin McCullar.

The 6'6" Kansas wing is a proven playmaker and high-IQ player, whether that's as a help defender or a cutter on offense. He was an All-Defense candidate at Kansas and can help an NBA team on both ends of the court.

The 76ers could remake their entire roster this summer, and this draft pick may go out the door in those machinations. They also may realize they need inexpensive contributors moving forward and keep the pick. In that scenario, adding a proven player like McCullar could be the way to go if they believe in his shooting.

17. Los Angeles Lakers select Jared McCain

The Los Angeles Lakers took a swing at a guard in last year's draft who had a very narrow path to being an NBA player; Jalen Hood-Schifino unsurprisingly had a poor rookie season and his future is clouded.

Jared McCain, on the other hand, is one of the draft's best shooter and the kind of player who looks like he can't miss at the NBA level. He can shoot from anywhere, off the dribble or off the catch. Add in good defense and passing and he's the perfect glue guy to pair with LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

The Lakers could lose D'Angelo Russell this summer, and if so Austin Reaves would be the only above-average shooter left among rotatio players. McCain may not be ready right away, but if he can play his shooting will be needed from Day 1.