2024 NBA Mock Draft: Raptors win the Lottery, Kentucky guards plummet

It's time for another 2024 NBA Mock Draft! This version has the Raptors picking first, the Spurs taking another Frenchman, and Kentucky's guards plummeting.
Jesse Wagstaff, Alex Sarr, Perth Wildcats and Matas Buzelis, Ron Holland, G League Ignite
Jesse Wagstaff, Alex Sarr, Perth Wildcats and Matas Buzelis, Ron Holland, G League Ignite / Ethan Miller/GettyImages
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12. Oklahoma City Thunder select Kyle Filipowski

One of the most popular pairings in mock drafts throughout the 2024 cycle, Kyle Filipowski looks like the perfect addition for the Oklahoma City Thunder. The seven-footer grew into an All-American his second season at Duke and is extremely skilled offensively, able to dribble, pass, shoot and finish.

Defensively he has a high motor and good instincts, but he is not an elite shot-blocker and played best defensively alongside another big. In Oklahoma City he could play with Chet Holmgren, with Jaylin Williams or as the sole big on the court. The Thunder should sprint this pick to the podium if Filipowski is still available; he's the perfect fit.

13. Sacramento Kings select Rob Dillingham

In a draft as unpredictable as this one, at least one player expected to go high in the draft will slide down the board and go later than expected. That player this year could be Rob Dillingham, the Kentucky guard who came into the year ranked significantly higher than Reed Sheppard.

The Sacramento Kings love Kentucky guards, and they have received a lot of offensive firepower from Malik Monk over the last two seasons. Monk is now a threat to walk in free agency this summer, and the Kings could draft his replacement directly in Dillingham.

The 6'1" guard can shoot from anywhere, but lacks the passing ability to be a full-time point guard and the size to be anything else. He projects as a high-octane bench guard, and the Kings will probably be looking for one of those this summer.