2025 NBA Mock Draft 1.0: Loaded class must compel Raptors to tank this season

The 2025 NBA Draft is loaded with talent at the top, led by Duke forward Cooper Flagg. The Raptors need to lean into the tank this year to add another star.
Cooper Flagg, 2024 McDonald's All American Game
Cooper Flagg, 2024 McDonald's All American Game / Carmen Mandato/GettyImages
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No. 6: VJ Edgecombe, Wing, Baylor

Baylor seems to attract one top prospect each year, and after Ja'Kobe Walter came through last year Scott Drew recruited 6'5" wing VJ Edgecombe to join the team this year. A smooth athlete who appears to glide down the court, Edgecombe can score in bunches and could be a two-way star given his athleticism if he can improve his skill level. He will also be taking part in Olympic basketball, playing alongside other NBA players with the Bahamas national team in qualifying next week.

No. 7: Hugo Gonzalez, Guard, Spain

Long before France was sending perimeter players to the NBA in droves, Spain was providing a number of intriguing prospects. Hugo Gonzalez looks to carry the torch, a 6'6" guard who is already producing at a high level for one of the best teams in Europe, Real Madrid. If he can polish his handle and playmaking he may project as a lead guard, but he will more likely be a playmaking wing; that's where his 3-point shot likely becomes more of a swing skill.

No. 8: Jalil Bethea, Guard, Miami

A 6'5" guard who is a late riser to 2025 draft boards, Jalil Bethea has been dominant out of seemingly nowhere the past year. He can score off the bounce but is also an elite catch-and-shoot weapon, giving him utility as a future shooting guard who can play off of another lead ball-handler. He has good athleticism as well and needs to improve his handle and defense to further define his role.

No. 9: Tre Johnson, Guard, Texas

Another shooting guard in a draft class packed with perimeter scoring talent, the 6'6" Tre Johnson is heading to Texas next season and will immediately start scoring the basketball. He probably just scored again in the time it took you to read that sentence. He is not an elite athlete but he can get to his spots and score anywhere, any way. How he adds to his game at Texas will determine where he ends up in the draft.