3 "best-fit" players the Raptors can select with each of their 2024 draft picks

The Raptors have a lot of questions to solve if they want to start winning again, these three players can provide some solutions

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Mid First Round | Kel'el Ware C, Indiana

Standing at a towering 7 feet, Ware stands out from the rest of the centers in this year's draft with his mobility. Unlike most prospects his height, Ware is able to supplement his massive height and wingspan with the quickness to capably defend college guards if he ever finds himself switched onto the perimeter.

Where Ware really sets himself apart is his shooting. In his sophomore year, he shot 42.5% from three. Indiana's offensive scheme has limited Ware's freedom as a perimeter shooter, but his shot mechanics are fluid enough to believe that - with the right development - he could become a capable three-level threat in the NBA.

Doubts about Ware's focus, effort, and discipline have damaged his reputation in scouting circles and mock drafts, yet most of these concerns come from his time in high school and his first year at Oregon. Veteran leadership would go a long way for Ware's development, which the Raptors can provide due to the extension of Kelly Olynyk to a two-year deal.

Tangibly, Ware's biggest negative has been his inability to physically compete with other collegiate 7-footers. Thus, his opportunities in the NBA will be contingent on his ability to improve in this area, though the Raptors have never been shy about taking their time in developing talent.