3 biggest problems with the Toronto Raptors as 2023 season starts to spiral

The Raptors have so many holes in the boat right now.
Washington Wizards v Toronto Raptors
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2. Stubbornness

Rajakovic might be a rookie coach learning on the fly, but his stubborn nature with regard to changing parts of his attack that aren't working. Having a system is one thing, but refusing to change anything when it's clear the status quo is not performing is just oddly rigid for no reason.

The starting lineup inflexibility has been the latest source of irritation. Not only has Rajakovic not made any changes, but he seemed to shoot down those who believe Gary Trent Jr. moving into the starting lineup would improve matters. Rajakovic went from master tinkerer to set in his ways in just a few months.

The Toronto Raptors need to be much less stubborn.

While Rajakovic has tried to mix and match players that make up his 10-man rotation, his insistence on going that deep with such a thin bench has led to several embarrassing blown leads is puzzling. Why does he have to keep swapping out players? The front office's refusal to build a deeper unit.

Ujiri has been adamant that this group will eventually turn it around, and there is a chance he sits on his hands and doesn't trade anyone from his declining core for the second trade deadline into a row. Fans need to brace for this front office ramming their skull into a steel wall for the next few months.