3 Buy-low trade targets no longer wanted by their own teams

The Toronto Raptors should be looking to buy low on prospects who are not being prioritized by their own teams and could be pried away in a trade
AJ Griffin, Atlanta Hawks and Jarace Walker, Indiana Pacers
AJ Griffin, Atlanta Hawks and Jarace Walker, Indiana Pacers / Michael Hickey/GettyImages
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No. 2: Duop Reath, Portland Trail Blazers

If you are either a fan of college basketball or follow the NBA Draft, you likely have heard the name of Jarace Walker, a college star and Top 10 pick. It's entirely forgivable if you have never heard of Duop Reath.

The Portland Trail Blazers center was a member not of the 2023 but of the 2018 draft class, but he was likewise a rookie this past season after playing overseas for years. He proceeded to play 68 games as an undrafted rookie and made it clear it was a mistake for a team not to bring him in sooner. Unfortunately for Reath, he did so for a terrible Trail Blazers team that was painful to watch for much of the year.

Reath averaged 18.3 points, 7.4 rebounds, a steal and a block per 36 minutes, and he shot 35.9 percent on 7.3 3-point attempts, an actionable percentage for a 6'11" center. With Deandre Ayton and Robert Williams missing time due to injuries and ice storms, Reath stepped in and was a perfectly competent backup center.

His performance had seemingly no impact on Portland's plans this summer, as they used the No. 7 pick on Connecticut center Donovan Clingan. That's three centers making a combined $53 million, all of whom are position-locked at the 5. There is no room for Reath.

The Toronto Raptors need a long-term backup center, and Reath's shooting would be an ideal fit alongside Scottie Barnes. Reath is already 28 years old, so there is likely not a budding star to be had, but he is a player clearly not prioritized in Portland's plans and he would fill a real need for the Raptors.