3 Buy-low trade targets no longer wanted by their own teams

The Toronto Raptors should be looking to buy low on prospects who are not being prioritized by their own teams and could be pried away in a trade
AJ Griffin, Atlanta Hawks and Jarace Walker, Indiana Pacers
AJ Griffin, Atlanta Hawks and Jarace Walker, Indiana Pacers / Michael Hickey/GettyImages
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No. 1: Moses Moody, Golden State Warriors

Moses Moody is a player mentioned before as a trade target for the Toronto Raptors. Despite a myriad of injuries last year, Steve Kerr and the Warriors continued to play other guards and wings over Moody, relegating him to a fringe rotation role for the majority of the season. When he did get an opportunity he played well as a defender, cutter and shooter; he just couldn't get onto the court often enough.

This summer was an opportunity for that to change, and for the Warriors to commit to Moody, both by trusting him with a rotation role and offering a contract extension. With Klay Thompson leaving to join the Dallas Mavericks the spot was opening up, either for Moody to start or to back up Andrew Wiggins and Brandin Podziemski in a clear rotation role.

Think again. The Warriors immediately pivoted to sign De'Anthony Melton, the likely starter at the 2, then executed a sign-and-trade for movement shooter Buddy Hield. The Warriors clearly don't trust Moody in a larger role, and he is likely being dangled in trade talks with other teams.

The Raptors need to find their way onto the other end of that phone line and make an offer for Moody. Perhaps it's a straight-up trade, or perhaps they could take back Moody and Andrew Wiggins for Bruce Brown's expiring contract. Moody is not only a buy-low candidate from the Warriors, his lack of playing time would likely make him a buy-low candidate in extension talks.

Moses Moody is a starting wing marginalized by the team that drafted him in the lottery. Duop Reath is a reliable backup center pushed to fourth by the team that leaned on him last year. Jarace Walker was drafted in the Top 10 and immediately knocked to third in the pecking order. The Raptors have a shot to add a real contributor at a discount and they should be working hard to continue improving the team's present and future.

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